Every Dog Has its Day!

Every Dog Has its Day! February 18, 2012

Here’s the winner for the 2012 Westminster Dog Show.

Personally, the McKnights would vote for this kind of dog!

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  • That dog looks a little like my swiffer duster.

  • Fish

    It is no wonder that dogs like this get eaten by coyotes. They no longer bear any resemblance to a canine.

  • Larry Barber

    I don’t think I would dignify either of those whatever-they-are with the title of “dog”.

  • Beakerj

    Oh Larry it’s not the Pekingese or the Bichon Frise (I think) that are the problem here, but the people who’ve selctively bred some (or all) of the dog out of them, for profit…Stupid people, we break everything. Poor dogs.

  • DRT

    They should just keep the dogs out of it and let everyone bring their checkbooks. At least we would know what is happening.

    “And the Poodle owner has to reach for a new pen…!”