Wisconsin’s Mysterious Rumbling Sounds

Over the border in Wisconsin lots of funny things happen, and it all begins with those silly cheesehead hats the good folks of Wisconsin wear. But something else is causing this rumbling, so I’m putting it out to the good readers of Jesus Creed:

What’s causing these noises?

(CNN) — Mysterious explosions. Unexplained shaking. Something’s going on in Clintonville, Wisconsin, but nobody seems to know what it is.

The sounds — variously described as rattling pipes, clanging metal, thunder or firecrackers — have continued on and off since early Sunday night in just one part of the small town of 4,600, located about 180 miles northeast of Madison.

Accompanying the sounds are vibrations that have shaken homes and household objects in the northeast corner of town, city manager Lisa Kuss said.

The sounds were loud enough Monday morning that a CNN journalist could hear them during a cell phone conversation with Kuss.

The baffling phenomenon does not appear to have caused any significant damage or injuries, according to Kuss.

Workers peered into manhole covers and utility crews tested for leaking natural gas and other problems, but no one has yet to find anything amiss, Kuss said.

Geologists and the military don’t seem to have any quick answers, either, she said.

U.S. Geological Survey records show no seismic activity anywhere in Wisconsin Sunday or Monday.

“It’s like we’re imagining things but it ain’t, because we’re all out and talking to find out what’s going on,” Clintonville resident Verda Shultz told CNN affiliate WLUK.

Absent any better explanations for the sounds and sensations that have, well, rattled, the town, residents were left to their own devices to come up with explanations.


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  • PLTK

    Maybe H.G. Wells can send a reporter up there.

  • Kyle

    This reminds me of Mark Z Danielewski’s book House of Leaves, in which parts of a house mysteriously and almost imperceptibly grow when no one is looking. One minute the tape measure reads one thing, and the next moment something an 1/8th of an inch longer. These changes are made all the more surreal and unsettling by how inconsequential they appear to be, and there is no “gotcha” moment when the mechanism behind this growth reveals itself and its significance. The cast of characters is resigned to the simple explanation that the world’s apparently inalterable laws are in fact eroding, but the resignation is also an impossible task, for everything about their relation to the physical world otherwise balks at this contradiction. It’s good fun, and this is largely a subplot.

  • Robert

    I think it has something to do with cheese.

  • Many theories are flying around about similar experiences all over the globe. Some say it’s underground boring machines, others the testing of sonic weapons (not as far-fetched as it might seem), and of course others say UFOs. Another theory is fracking, but this is not always taking place where the sounds are heard, and there have been measured earthquakes associated with those.

    A slightly more plausible theory is that this is related to the recent solar flares and unusual disturbances in the earth’s magnetosphere. These can set up resonant frequencies or standing waves that we interpret as sound; however, the “mechanical” nature of many of the sounds seems too artificial for that.

    Just some ideas.

  • Fred

    Its gotta have something to do with the recall election coming up.

  • DRT

    Our iron core is being attracted to the increase in magnetism shown by the northern lights due to solar flares and the once a decade alignment of Jupiter and Venus (just look west at sunset and the two bright objects are them). Some feel the large hadron collider has in fact produced a micro black hole that sunk into the earth, but that hypothesis is totally baseless.

  • RJS


    Can’t be LHC as this has been down (planned shutdown) since Jan and will only come back on line this month – fully toward the end of the month or in April I believe.

  • CarolJean
  • it’s the smoke monster

  • MatthewS

    Maybe the Tardis is acting up again. But why would Dr. Who need to visit Wisconsin? The plot thickens…

  • drop

    I am in clintonville. It is weird. But most of us are scared. Some think it is fun. And yet some still do not believe. Earth is pissed at us for messing with her.
    I just hope to keep my feet below me and on top the ground now a days.

  • MatthewS

    googleing for mysterious sounds results in this page: http://www.kipnews.org/2012/02/02/strange-sounds-in-sky-explained-by-scientists/

    The site looks very x-files-ish but the many links to sounds around the world is interesting. Wondering if this could be a result from solar activity?

    RJS, are you involved in secret government plots of which you are unable to speak?

  • Katie N.

    All I have to say is GO PACK GO!! Yes, still a Packer fan, Scot!!

  • Nancy l.

    Brewers practicing their Cub stomp!

  • scotmcknight

    All I can say is that #s 13 and 14 are out of line. Why bring up the Pack or the Brew-Crew? Are they rumbling?

  • David

    Scot, You are being too hasty. Would this be happening if Tebow had gone to the Packers?