Will this catch on?

From AP:

KELLER, Texas (AP) – The administrator of a North Texas city believes he’s not needed and has laid himself off.

Keller City Manager Dan O’Leary announced his decision Wednesday.

O’Leary says the Fort Worth-area city of nearly 40,000 has two assistant managers and really does not need a third administrator. He earns about $176,000 annually as manager of the city about 20 miles north of Fort Worth.

The 57-year-old O’Leary, who was hired in 2007, says he has no plans to retire. His last day on the job will be April 20.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (http://bit.ly/GLaskM ) reports that O’Leary informed city council members of his decision during a closed session Tuesday. Elected officials did not immediately say who will assume his responsibilities.


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  • Dan

    The town where I live had a similar thing happen, in a way. The new school superintendent came on board a few years ago and the school district was operating in the red. The state law mandated the district get its operating house in order in one year or the state would take over.

    The school superintendent had to lay off good people, but she also took on MORE WORK. And without extra pay. She gave the high school principal an early retirement (making sure the outgoing principal had the years to get her full retirement). She then took on the role of high school principal AND district superintendent for one year. It saved one salary and said to everyone in the district, “We are ALL working hard… including ME.”

    I will always admire my friend for taking such a bold step.

  • Bob

    He earns about $176,000 annually as manager of the city about 20 miles north of Fort Worth.

    How much do the assistants pull in? I may want that job. 😉

  • Grizz

    If the elected officials are on the ball, they will divide his responsibilities between the two assistants (if he hasn’t done that already) and give them each a $1.00/yr raise and give each of them the new title of Town Co-Manager. To bring in someone new who takes a salary for an unnecessary position would be to waste $$$$ and also to dishonor the outgoing Town Manager.

    But are they smart enough to do that? Only time will tell.