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"But don't get me wrong - overall Trump's record so far is bad. Just Bush ..."

Why Are So Many (Young) Evangelicals ..."
"Obviously any comments are Trump so far. Only God knows the future."

Why Are So Many (Young) Evangelicals ..."
"Just him starting an elective war is enough. IF Trump doesn't make further war, he ..."

Why Are So Many (Young) Evangelicals ..."
"Started an unjust illegal unbiblical war with Iraq. Increased funding for Planned Parenthood. Had a ..."

Why Are So Many (Young) Evangelicals ..."

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  • Jon G

    Kinda reminds me that’s how God views each one of us! We look at the outside, but he sees us far more…thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome. And not just in the 80’s slang sense of the word. Don’t you just love seeing the audience’s first impressions just shattered?

    @Jon G. Yes, indeed!

  • RJS

    Awesome indeed – especially the shattering of the impression of the audience and the judges.

  • Wow. I do not know how you possibly have time to find gems such as these – but I’m so glad you found this one. Wow. That’s all. Perfect picture of grace in action from that lovely girl and of untold treasure hiding in the wings in the young man.