Sunday Tats for Tatfans

This post doesn’t always know the difference between Bible and otherwise, but there are some tats here that some might like …

Which is your favorite tat here?

Some people like to get tattooed themselves with Psalms and verses. If you specifically like certain lines, then you could get them inked. You have to decide for yourself. Some of the lines listed below instill faith in the Almighty. A few of them will boost your morale in times of distress. Some of them spread peace and love. Some people go for long versus. The choice is left to you.

Posters with meaningful lines have adorned the walls. Bodies with meaningful lines are the new fad. Try some lines that you relate to or the list of Bible Scripture Tattoos is anyways here to make a choice.


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  • Oh my goodness! My favorite is the guy with the messed-up Greek font that he had Tattooed on!!! ALWAYS spell-check with a professional before you get inked…

  • Oh no! It’s nor “Revelations” – you’re killing me!!!

  • Just Sayin’

    My favourite tats are the ones in invisible ink.

  • DRT

    All I know is that I want to see for myself what Angelina Jolie has tatoo’ed on her side.

  • DanO

    DRT, “Insert General Tso’s Chicken here?”