7 Years

Today marks seven years of blogging … hard to believe.

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"We will look forward to your new book, Scot."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time

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  • http://www.seekingfaithfulnessblog.blogspot.com Holly

    Thankful that you have, that you continue! :) I have learned a LOT here!

  • Andrew Butler

    Many thanks for all the hard work that goes into making this so worthwhile. :) Much appreciated.

  • http://timgombis.com/ Tim Gombis

    Congrats, Scot, and thank you! Sharing the day with the Cubs’ opener . . . very nice!!

  • Rick

    Congrats! Your work on this blog is greatly appreciated.

  • Duane

    A high-lite of my everyday. You have woven many fine threads through the tapestry of my life. Looking forward to more! Thanks for persevering and persisting! I am grateful.

  • http://abcwesterville.org Mark Farmer

    Here’s to Jesus Creed! Here’s to Scot, RJS, and the host of (usually) humble commenters! This blog has stretched my thinking, modeled calm dialogue and civility, and pointed me to countless sites, authors and books that have done likewise. (Okay, occasionally it has also aggravated me a tad.) It even connected me with a new colleague and friend as well as with an old acquaintance and his wife. Long live Jesus Creed, and may its tribe increase.

  • RJS


    It has been a great 7 years and getting better.

  • Clay Knick

    Thanks for all the good writing here and in the books, Scot.

  • Ken B.

    Wow! Congratulations! Also, thank you for offering a voice of moderation and civility that helps guide the broader evangelical conversation(s). I do hope that your next post won’t be telling us you will be taking this year off for a sabbatical :)

  • http://everythingnew.org Jeff Cook

    Congratulations! You do outstanding work for the sake of us all!

  • http://www.chuckroberts.blogspot.com/ Chuck Roberts

    Scot, I so appreciate the work you do to make this blog so great. I learn so much; you’ve mentored me through this blog, and I am grateful.

  • http://plantingjesus.blogspot.com Burly

    I started reading about 6 months in. I *felt* like I was one of about a dozen people reading. Little did I know that soooo many people were resonating with what you were writing. Wouldn’t have given you much of a chance (coming from the theological world that I was in) had it not been for the kind things my advisor, Grant Osborne, had to say about you a couple years prior at TEDS.

  • http://www.manafo.blogspot.com david

    I think I’ve been tracking this blog almost from the beginning, shortly after someone introduced me to a great book called “Jesus Creed”
    The blog, the books, and the conversation has shaped in my heart, my thinking, and my ministry.
    Thanks Scot and the Jesus Creed community.

  • MattR

    Congrats Scot!

    Thanks for your consistent writing and blogging… many of us have learned much and been blessed.

  • Bill P

    Congratulations on the 7th anniversary! And THANK YOU for all the work you put into establishing & now maintaining the blog.

  • steve

    Thank you for the many ways your blog has contributed to my intellectual and spiritual growth.

  • http://communityofjesus.wordpress.com/ Ted M. Gossard

    I’ve much enjoyed and benefited from your blog, Scot. And thanks now to RJS. Seems like I lost out some when I started my own blog, but your blog continues to be a big influence on me. I do well to read it everyday, really to read every post (I ought to). Here’s to many more years to come.

  • Dana Ames

    Happy Blogversary, and thank you again, friend.


  • http://krusekronicle.com Michael W. Kruse

    Jesus Creed is one of the most amazing forums in cyberspace. Thanks for 7 years of being such a great host.

  • http://www.godhungry.org Jim Martin

    Congratulations Scot! Your work has certainly made a positive difference in many, many people.