AZ Bill for Bible Classes in Public Schools

I find it hard to believe courses like this are opposed, inasmuch as they are part of almost all university curricula. Still, there’ll no doubt be some debate. Having said this, if someone sees this as a Christian (or Jewish) victory, it is a thin victory.

The Arizona State Senate has passed a bill that allows school districts to create a high school elective course that would focus on the Bible and its influence on Western Civilization.

In a 21 to 9 vote on Thursday, the Ariz. Senate has sent the bill to the desk of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. The office of Brewer declined to comment as to whether or not she would sign the bill into law.

Known as House Bill 2563, it was sponsored by Ariz. Representative Terri Proud (R-26) and was passed by the Ariz. House of Representatives in February. In an interview with The Christian Post, Proud explained why she sponsored the bill.

“This piece of legislation acts as a guide to teachers, districts, superintendents, parents and our students as to what the First Amendment, our Constitution, and courts have agreed as permissible use of the Bible in our public schools should they choose,” said Proud.

Proud considered the influence of the Bible on the world to be “very significant” and also noted that many countries presently teach the Bible in government schools.


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