What’s your caption for this pizza man?

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  • Gloria

    Show off! (Adding some words since it told me my comment was too short.)

  • RJS

    Ah … Now what do I do?

  • Deets

    You said a small?!

  • http://antiitchmeditation.wordpress.com jeff weddle

    that’s amore!

    my comment is also too short, but is now longer.

  • http://lisadelay.com/blog Lisa Colón DeLay

    “You wanted to play the parachute game, right?”

  • Jon Venema

    Hmmm . . . My thought bubble consists of dough!

  • http://www.nosnews.com Joshua Swenson

    We know money doesn’t grow on trees but did you know dough flies?

  • The Misfit Toy

    #7 learned the hard way not to try and escape pizza island.

  • http://differentcloth.blogspot.com/ Jeff Stewart

    No cash on premises – but plenty of dough.

  • http://growinggrace-full.blogspot.com/ Chris Donato

    Unsuspecting Napolitan narrowly escapes falling in love as he dodges big pizza pie from hitting his eye.

  • http://nomoreashes.net Linda

    Thought bubble gone wild.

  • http://nomoreashes.net Linda

    (I vote for Jeff Weddle’s!)

  • http://www.trinityfellowship.net Bob DeGray

    And again he said to them “the kingdom of heaven is like. . . “

  • http://LostCodex.com DRT

    Please delete if this is too crass….

    Way too much substance for the Italians.

  • Kyle

    “How many guys does it take to eat the levitating guitar that gets paired with this pick?”

  • http://tallpastor.blogspot.com Jim

    One more UFO from Area 51

  • discokvn

    pizza or potato chip?

  • Kel Hahn

    Thought bubble: “The size of this pizza is sure to distract everyone from the fact that I’m not wearing a hairnet or protective gloves!”

  • Patrick Hare

    Betcha can’t eat just one.

  • jason powell

    This is gon’na be one big wonton. (does that go too far?)

  • http://www.radreformfan.blogspot.com Gary Snowden

    What was I thinking? How am I supposed to catch this thing and toss it again?