Vineyard Community Cincinnati

Last Saturday I was in Cincinnati at the Vineyard Community Church, led by Dave Workman — and it was great to meet and be with Dave. A new friend, Joe Boyd, invited me … and he was my excellent host … picking me up and carting me around and making sure I got where I needed to get. And filling up my ears with some dry wit. Joe’s a super talented guy — a storytelling teacher and producer of art works/movies. He’s definitely someone who fits into the Q vision of Gabe Lyons.

Anyway, I was asked to do a King Jesus Gospel talk… and they gave me more than an hour and it was a wonderful time. We began the morning session with a brunch and then had about 20 minutes or so of worship, led by the masterful Charlie Hines. Then they gave me the platform and I worked through the need for us to be Bereans — asking if something is taught in the Bible when we encounter it as new. Then we peered into how the gospel is understood today (the soterian gospel), how that gospel is not presented as the gospel in the New Testament, and then we went to work on 1 Corinthians 15 and Acts 10:23b-48, I tossed in some Jesus Creed as what got Peter a good start in seeing someone break down barriers and then some stories about students whose faith has been challenged or awakened in encountering this gospel.

Vineyard Community Church has a wonderful campus and a service ministry that is influencing how more and more churches are forming their service ministries.

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  • Kel Hahn

    Enjoyed taking in the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit simulcast there last August. Nice venue, friendly people. Great men’s ministry going on there.