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Birdfeeder Bears

From AP: What critters do you find near your birdfeeder? MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) – A late-night encounter with four bears trying to snack from backyard birdfeeders gave Vermont’s governor a lesson in what not to do in bear country. One of the bears chased Peter Shumlin and nearly caught the governor while he was trying [Read More…]

Faith and Political Issues

I’m not a fan of the block quote white box now at work on the Patheos blogs, so I will be using italics for quotations in order to make it clear it is not my words but someone else’s. Barna: April 18, 2012 – Which political issues will have the greatest influence on voters’ decision [Read More…]

Christianity as Emotional Therapy

It is one thing to claim God loves us unconditionally; it is another thing to grasp God’s love. But it is yet another to comprehend God as a cosmic therapist who sits there, listens to us with an analytic mind, lets us say what we want so that we come to terms with our inner [Read More…]

Christians, Politics and the Poor

As you may know, there’s a “serious” discussion about how best to care for the poor. Some in the GOP think it’s not the government’s business; some in the Democrat party think it is. What would Jesus do with the U.S. economy? That’s a matter of fierce debate among Christians — with conservatives promoting a [Read More…]

The Voice

Bob Smietana, a fine writer for The Tennessean, sketches a story about The Voice: The name Jesus Christ doesn’t appear in The Voice, a new translation of the Bible from a Nashville publisher. Nor do religious words like “angel” or “apostle.” Instead, “angel” is rendered as “messenger,” and “apostle” as “emissary.” Jesus Christ is Jesus [Read More…]

England’s “Moral Majority”?

It appears to this outsider that England’s developing some themes we have witnessed over here — since the 70s and 80s — along the lines of the Moral Majority. I’m open to clarification… any thoughts? Christians are being “vilified” by British courts and “driven underground”, Lord Carey, a former archbishop of Canterbury, has said. In [Read More…]

Theology … The Queen of the Sciences? (RJS)

In today’s post I would like to put forth a few ideas for discussion, all related to the claim that theology is the queen of the sciences and how this could or should play out. This isn’t a polished argument, but a desire to start a conversation. The modern university has its origin in the [Read More…]

Gospels as Foundation Documents for Church

Three approaches to the Gospels blunt their force, and it is hard to escape all three: skeptics think the Gospels are unreliable and reflect only (or at least mostly) the faith of the early church; Bultmannians believe the historical record doesn’t matter since faith is about encounter with power of God; and moralist preachers find [Read More…]

Go-Go Moyer Wins Again!

Jamie Moyer becomes the oldest MLB pitcher to win a game. Here’s the story from the link: Jamie Moyer showed there remains a place for a vintage lefty in a young man’s game as the 49-year-old became the oldest pitcher to ever win a major league contest. He threw seven strong innings and Dexter Fowler hit [Read More…]

We Back Pat!

This is sad news: Pat Summitt is stepping down from head coach at Tennessee. Pat Summitt set the tone for women’s top-level basketball, and we’ll miss her presence and hope and pray for her in the tough days ahead. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Pat Summitt is stepping aside as Tennessee’s women’s basketball coach and taking [Read More…]