Sun Glasses

I lost my sun glasses, which were effective if also a bit gangly. I had the kind that snapped over my glasses with a pincher on the top. As I say, they were effective. But I lost them.

So I combed through all of our suitcases, and small bags we take on trips, and in drawers, in the cars — Kris’ and mine … all over the place. And I checked every one of those places two or three times. No glasses.

Kris said, “Good, the kids always say they’re goofy looking and I look like a dork so tonight we can go to Osco and find another pair.” After our Panera dinner, we went to Osco and — as if they were made for my glasses — we found some polaroid filter sunglasses that fit over my glasses with one major improvement: no snap top on them. Which means you can’t even tell — there is a spring to the top bar so the glasses stretch horizontally and then two clips on each len that fit snuggly over the ends so they fit without the snapper thingy.

Cheap enough. We bought them, arrived home, and as I got out of the car my hand slipped down oddly and, Bingo! in the little door slot where the windshield scraper sits I felt my old glasses.

Kris’ remark: “Never hurts to have an extra pair. But wear the new ones.”

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  • Scott Eaton

    Scot, no offense, but I wear those “spring loaded” clip-ons too, and my kids still tell me I look goofy. What’s a guy gonna do?

    (Actually, I just blow off the kids and embrace my inner dork.)

  • DRT

    Love it.

    My son just gave me a pair of $100+ sun glasses that apparently send the wrong fashion statement for him, but are fine for me! Thermonuclear protection. He says the guys who where them tend to just wear them on top of a hat and backwards on their head, not his style.

  • kent

    Scot, awesome, welcome to the 1990’s.

  • Mercy … what does a man do in 2012 if he wears regular glasses too?

  • DRT

    Here are the glasses I now have, but apparently they can be made with prescription lenses too! Scot, you need thermonuclear protection.

  • I have the same kind, Scot, in fact I wore them at the beach this afternoon. But I like the kind I’ve seen on my Dad-in-law, which actually curl around so that there is protection on the sides. But until I finally see one like that which is reasonable, I will end up settling happily with the kind you now have. But down the road I’ll likely get a pair of the latter.

  • scotmcknight

    DRT, those are way (too) cool (for me).

  • The ones with a spring clip on top can be put on with one hand. The others require two, a bit of a problem when you are driving!

  • Kyle

    Pop-up shades = baseball fraternity.