There’s a Parable Here

This maybe the laziest tree in the world … laying on its side in Sydney’s botanical garden.

What’s your caption?

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  • Pat Pope

    “That’s one big head of broccoli.”

  • Jim

    There. Maybe now the HOA will leave me alone about my satellite dish.

  • Deets

    “God bless you, but cover next time.”

  • alastair

    knowing how far you could fall

  • RJS

    I told him not to climb the tree.

  • Blake

    “Leaning Tower of Treesa”

  • Blake

    “You’re GROWING the Wrong Way!” (RIP John Hughes)

  • DRT

    Now this guy wants me to turn around too to show him my canopy. Just walk around the other side fella!

  • Kyle

    “Sir, for those things that can’t bend without breaking, a breath mint would be delightful.”

  • C-Dawg

    It felt bad for those cats always getting stuck up there!

  • CarolJean

    I’ve fallen over and I can’t get up! Help!

  • CarolJean

    It’s afraid of heights.

  • Chris

    What? Gellar had his spoons, I have my trees.

  • KJ

    Mmm, I knew I should have set it upon a rock!

  • Stephen

    Ambition Misguided

  • DRT

    TRYING to get to the northern hemisphere.

  • http://JesusCreed Dave

    If you find yourself tilting to far in any direction, check your root system.

  • JamesT

    Down, but not out.

  • Derek Sweatman

    Two Muffin Tops