Shy Cockatoo

It was suggested that we go to the Sydney Zoo. My response, “Are you kidding? The birds in the wild here are in our zoos, that means our North America common stuff will be in your zoos.”

A “typical” tree in Sydney’s botanical garden:

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  • Georges Boujakly

    Don’t make a move, Scot. He has his eye on you!

  • RJS

    Nice tree. I’d like one of those typical trees in my yard.

  • Anna

    Well, now you’ve got me wondering. Did you see American robins and chickadees and goldfinches and such in the Sydney Zoo?

  • DanO

    Just like Baretta.

  • Lynne

    Actually, our zoo in Sydney (actually all zoos in Australia) have very few non-native birds, and the ones we do have are long-term breeding populations, since all bird imports, even for zoos, have been banned since the 1930s with quarantine restrictions. Because of our unique fauna, we have some of the strictest quarantine regulations in the world. We also have no rabies, or most bird diseases. But the consequence is that, while we Aussies are well acquainted with exotic animals (especially endangered ones) we have very little knowledge of exotic birds unless we travel. But the zoo in Sydney is worth seeing for another reason — it has some of the best harbour views in the whole city!

  • Dave

    very cool tree…wonder what the wood looks like?

  • Lynne

    It’s a fig tree — probably a Moreton bay Fig

  • Terry Tiessen

    While in Sydney, we did not get to the zoo (did that later in Auckland), but we particularly enjoyed the Ferndale Wildlife Park, which focused on regional wildlife, in a beautiful setting. Having sung about Kookaburras in my childhood, I was excited to see one for the first time at Ferndale, but was especially excited to see one in the wild, while in Burnie, Tasmania.

    That is a marvelous part of the world you are in.