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Immortality is Still a Divine Gift (RJS)

Death is a big issue for many people when confronted by the evidence for an old earth and evolutionary creation. I’ve received a number of e-mails from people wrestling with this issue. Paul tells us that “sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin” and “for as in Adam all die, so [Read More…]

Intelligent Design is Creationism 2.0

Intelligent Design (ID), according to Jason Rosenhouse (Among the Creationists), is a new form of creationism and is not mainstream science. Before we get to how he draws this conclusion, a few points need to be made: First, the fundamental problem Christians and creationists have had with evolution is the notion of randomness or chance [Read More…]

Fudging Research

“Fudging” is a nice word; “falsifying” is more accurate. By Ben Goldacre: Here is a news story about a psychology researcher who has been caught out manipulating his data.… There is one very interesting aspect to this case: the researcher regarded the dodgy manipulations he used as completely standard practice. Recently there has been [Read More…]

Silence in the Churches! (But when?)

Mark Vernon: A suspicion of silence took root in the second and third centuries, when bishops penned diatribes against the so-called gnostikoi, Christians who claimed that God was most fully known as unknowable, and so therefore in silence. To be branded a gnostic was to be cast out of the fold. Then, in the fourth century, [Read More…]

Our Prayers

From a reader of the blog and one in the middle of the Colorado fires: I’m a regular reader of Jesus Creed and I have a favor to ask: When many of you wake up in the morning, you will probably read about the fires in Colorado.  This evening the fire called the Waldo Canyon [Read More…]

Slowing Down Juvenilization

There are some genuine oddities about Thomas Bergler’s book, The Juvenilization of American Christianity. To begin with, I think he’s basically or generally right. American Christianity has no doubt been influenced by the youth culture, but this raises an oddity for me: if adults, in a widespread way, are participating in this juvenilization, is it [Read More…]

The Pastor and Pragmatism

It is sometimes said the world operates with secular standards but the church has spiritual standards, and this can lead to a neat division of the secular and the sacred. But nearly every pastor, within the first week, realizes pastoring involves pragmatics, and more often than not the pragmatics bear striking resemblance to how things [Read More…]

What Killed Us, What Kills Us Now

From Brian Fung at The Atlantic: [Read more…]

Heartfelt and Serious

Laura Kreutzer reflects on what it means to her — as a mother — not to be available for her children: There is another woman in my 6-year-old daughter’s life. She writes messages on bumblebee note paper. She has a puppet friend named Millie, who helps my daughter learn the alphabet. Over the past nine [Read More…]

Creation By God … According to Wisdom (RJS)

One of The Seven Pillars of Creation discussed by William P. Brown is found in the book of Proverbs. Brown looks specifically at ch. 8:22-31, which we’ll get to below, and also at ch.  3:19-20. I’ve expanded the selection below to include 3:13, 18 (NIV), followed by 19-20 (Brown’s Translation): Blessed are those who find [Read More…]