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Creationists’ Struggles

Diversity of opinion embeds the human experience of knowing, or trying to know. Politics occur because citizens differ on how best to run the nation or state. But there are limits to diversity. We don’t get to make up our own minds on whether gravity will work or if Stop signs mean what they say, [Read More…]

The Gospel of Historic Baptists

I’ve been following the kerfuffle among the Southern Baptists when it comes to Calvinism and Arminianism, and that means I’ve taken some interest in the statement by those representing traditional Baptists. Of course, I wanted to see how they define gospel, so I thought I’d post their statement and then offer a few remarks: Articles [Read More…]

A Lifetime of Memories

Our tour next May 13-25 in the footsteps of Jesus and the apostles can create a lifetime of memories (and friendships). The big picture: we will fly into Instanbul (Constantinople), tour some of the cities of Peter and Paul and John in Asia Minor, fly to Tel Aviv, get a bus to Nazareth, Jesus’ home [Read More…]

That’s some serious ingenuity

From Jeremy Korzeniewski: According to Merriam-Webster, ingenuity can be defined as “skill or cleverness in devising or combining” or “cleverness or aptness of design or contrivance.” We’d say that’s an apt description of a Frenchman named Emile who reportedly found himself stranded in the deserts of Northwest Africa after breaking a frame rail and a suspension swingarm [Read More…]

The God Within Heresy

In the end, the God Within heresy is a kindly apocalypse: it overwhelms with niceness, tolerance, and is a make-up-your-own religion that is safe as long as you and I leave one another alone to make up our own religion for ourselves. Ross Douthat, in Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics, takes [Read More…]

The Central Question in Evangelism

What do you think is the central, or even the most important, question in evangelism? Here is an interview I did for CP with Napp Nazworth, who writes up a fair and accurate report of our conversation: Evangelical Christianity has been shaped by a “salvation culture,” but should strive for a “Gospel culture,” says Dr. [Read More…]

An Atheist’s Conversion and Last Blog Post

Did you see this? Leah Libresco’s last post on the atheist portal; she has converted to the Christian faith and is now in RCIA. For several years, a lot of my friends have been telling me I had an inconsistent and unsustainable philosophy.  ”A virtue ethicist atheist whose transhumanism seems to be rooted in dualism? [Read More…]

A Repeating Story

Pete Enns recently posted about evangelical professors dying at their institutions because their ideas are unwelcome and, which is more likely, if their ideas were to become public they’d lose their jobs. After reading Pete’s observations, what would you recommend professor/the institutions to do? Here is a clip or two from Pete’s post: I’ve had [Read More…]

Evolution vs. Creationism: The Story

By Robert Wright: My theory is highly conjectural, but here goes: A few decades ago, Darwinians and creationists had a de facto nonaggression pact: Creationists would let Darwinians reign in biology class, and otherwise Darwinians would leave creationists alone. The deal worked. I went to a public high school in a pretty religious part of [Read More…]

Is Religion (Merely) a Natural Phenomenon? (RJS)

I recently received a copy of The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity. This book, edited by J. B. Stump and Alan Padgett, consists of scholarly essays covering a variety of topics relating to the discussion of science and the Christian faith. The contributors range from believers to skeptics and approach the topics from a [Read More…]