What’s on the grill?

What are you grilling for the 4th of July?

We really like to grill asparagus, peppers, quartered onions, and some squash.

And, of course, burgers but especially salmon burgers.

What do you think of cedar plank grilling? Good smell but we can’t say the taste is that noticeable.

But I have to admit: I like to grill the veggies on aluminum foil in a pan instead of on the grill itself.

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  • We’ll have burgers, chicken, asparagus (rolled in olive oil and season with Lawry’s salt), potatoes (sliced thin, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled slow. They taste like thick potatoe chips). Did salmon the other night, so no fish today. And sure, hotdogs but you have buy the expensive all beef Kosher dogs for them to be any good off the grill…

  • DRT

    I hope to use several things from the garden today.

    First, pick some cabbage and make coleslaw. Then make a tofu dish with the green peppers. Either fry some zucchini or put them on skewers for the grill. I hope that I can get one good cucumber because they have all been bitter this year.

    The tomato plants are brimming with green fruit, but nothing close to ripe.

  • pepy

    We grilled some portabella mushrooms last night and then sprinkled with Krazy Salt and parmesan. YUM. We’ll do it again, tonight along with our other grilled dinner options. And, we do love grilled plums, peaches or nectarines, too. Just a spritz of whipped cream along with that. TOTALLY good.

  • RJS

    Hot dogs with ketchup, sauer kraut, mustard, pickle relish … but over an open fire, not on the grill.

  • Hot dogs with ketchup? What would the founding fathers say?

  • RJS


    Probably “I’ll have one of the same, please.”

  • John W Frye

    Hamburgers and hotdogs (Costco has dogs that taste like NYC street vendor dogs) . With chips and Julie’s excellent four kinds of (baked) beans with bacon and ground beef dish. Yummy!

  • E.G.

    Whatever you all do, there’s only one piece of essential doctrine in play:


    Anything else is anathema.

  • DRT

    OK, ran out and bought a big fresh salmon from the fish store, and will give the spinach and feta burgers a try. If Scot and Kris or anyone else wants to share their recipe I’m all ears (or eyes in this case).

    Also bought Johnsonville hot sausage and some ground meat. Oh, and beer…. and a cigar…

  • DRT

    Guiltless, she is a lost cause.

  • scotmcknight

    E.G., no charcoal… gas. Been there; done that.

    We’ll have chicken-feta-spinach brats, with some olive oil drizzled garlic power asparagus.

    Delirium maybe?

  • scotmcknight

    It’s so hot here — 100 degrees — I may just wave the brats out the window a few times and grill them that way.

  • Debbie

    We have rain here in the Phx area for the first time in months! So raindrops on the grill… but that isn’t a problem. Will grill most any veggie then next day put it all in a huge pot with chicken stock and red wine. Little fresh basil, parm., diced canned toms and crushed red pepper. You have a nice pot of grilled veggie marinara sauce.

  • DRT

    I saw on the weather that it is hotter in Chicago than here in VA, only 95 here.

  • scotmcknight

    It’s hotter in Chicago than in Hell (Michigan). Correct that, we’re both at 100.

  • Rick

    I have add to what Scot says about the heat, and grilling. It reminds me of those who want to get ice cream when it is 32 degrees out.

  • Kris

    I guess you could say we cheat on the salmon/feta/spinach burger recipe since we buy the salmon patties that way (all ingredients already made up into the nicely shaped burger). Yours should be great!

  • DRT

    Kris, thanks! Well, mine are going to be from scratch. I just made and iced down 3 pounds of spiced steamed shrimp, and as soon as my son, his gf, and their friend get here I aim to make some salmon burgers!

  • DRT

    Kris, and that is not cheating….it is likely quite smart. Leave it to the pros to do what the pros do.

  • Terry

    Well, I’m at the opposite of hot, celebrating the 4th in the Klondike. They’re grilling burgers and dogs on Main Street and waving many flags in the small town of Skagway, Alaska. They even did the parade twice so that it would be longer. No sophisticated eats here, but feel like I just crossed Rockwell with London.

  • scotmcknight

    Brats, asparagus, watermelon — total success. And the Cubs are winning, and we live in a wonderful country and we are blessed to be together, safe, in a comfortable home. We are thinking of the millions in the USA today who are still without electricity.

  • Todd Moore

    Wednesday is traditionally as fasting day in the E Orthodox church, but interestingly shrimp is allowed in moderation. So we enjoyed shrimp shish kabobs “on the barbie.” Yummy

  • DRT

    The highlight for me was smoking a cigar with my 19 year old son. A good day.