Our Prayers for Aurora Colorado

We are deeply saddened to hear about the senseless, reckless murder of movie goers in Aurora Colorado. The whole Jesus Creed blog community offers its sympathy, prayers and grace to the families of all.

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  • http://www.margaretfeinberg.com Margaret

    Thanks for your prayers–the city needs it

  • http://Www.priestfield.org.uk Jared H


    As Christians we need to stand against the proliferation of weapons.

  • Susana O

    Jared, I agree with your comment. It surprises me that more Christians do not feel the same way. I find it is such a contradiction in Christ’s teachings to believe in proliferation of weapons, while praying for peace. Why does anyone other than law enforcement and active military need automatic weapons? Even law enforcement agencies have strict guidelines as to when they can use them. How is it that anyone can have them in their personal possession? It boggles my mind, and I pray for the Lord to guide us in the right way.