Cubs vs. Cards

Tomorrow Kris and I will make our annual trek to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs vs. the Cards.

My father is a Cards fan, and the only person he’s ever cheered for on the Cubs was my son, Lukas, when he was playing in the Cubs organization. One of my father’s former students, way back when basketball players were still shooting two hand set shots, Bill Roberts, who is also a Cards fan, invites my father and mother and Kris and me to join them in their skybox at Wrigley for this game ever year. They’re all Cards fans but us.

I was once asked if I would have been a Cards fan had Lukas been drafted by them. I would have followed my father had that happened, but we’re mighty thankful the Cards didn’t draft him. “But what if Luke had made it to the big leagues with the Cards?” My response: “Tis better to have tried and not made it with the Cubs than to have tried and made it with the Cards.”

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  • Scot, as a lifelong Cards fan you need to listen to your father and come to the dark side. Ultimately you can’t resist the power of the Cards side.

  • Mark Farmer

    You’re hopeless, Scot!

    Have fun.

    A Cardinals fan.

  • Have a wonderful time. Guidelines for passing down baseball allegiance: loyalty above all. Threatening works well, too.

  • My dad is a Cards fan too, Scot. But his dad loved the Cubs. I guess genuine faith skips a generation.

  • josh carney


    i’m glad so many of your friends are Christians. Go Red Bird!!!