Coming down from Mt Olympics

Well, they’re over. The Olympics, or at least the sports part of the Olympics, are over. Tonight is the closing ceremony, which is about as much about the Olympics for us sport-lers as information about rubber tracks is about Usain Bolt’s amazing accomplishments. But I promise not to dwell on the hoopla around the Olympics.

What are your thoughts? What were your favorite events? What was the singular most moving accomplishment?.

For me it was the Men’s 4×100 world record performance by the Jamaicans, and the American women’s 4×400 relay — smooth running all around. And Bolt’s 200 and 100 — and it makes me wonder what would happen if he tried the long jump.

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  • William Varner

    Allyson Felix’s 200 gold.

  • I did not watch any of it, and feel the better for it.

  • Rick

    So many great moments (loved all the swimming), but the Mo Farah and Gallen Rupp (friends and training partners) finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in the 10,000m was electrifying. Farah’s home crowd was going wild on that last lap.

  • Barb

    I love all track events–especially the 4×100 relays and the 110 hurdles. I’m amazed at how these athletes can train their bodies to run so fast and with such precision. I’m one of those who stayed up late every night even when what I watched was BMX racing (which I don’t care about at all). I love every watching the Olympics (summer and winter) it’s a passion that I’ve had since my teen years and our first color TV. I still have my Jean Claude Killy scrapbook 🙂

  • I really enjoyed seeing the medal ceremony when the American women won the soccer gold. Every single one of them had beeming smiles on their faces as they sang the national anthem. Their match against Canada was one for the ages.

  • The Gleddiesmith

    David Rudisha in the mens 800 meter. Let for the entire race to produce a world record time of 1:40:91.

    Other highlights: Bolt and the Jamaicans; Mo Farah; Ruta Meilutyte; Missy Franklin; Shiwen Yu; Katie Taylor

  • Being a Brit…
    …coming third in the medal table (and asking if it was worthit)
    …The expected: Jess Ennis winning the Heptathlon, well deserved
    …the unexpected: Andy Murray wining the tennis
    …the disappointments: seeing how much losing as well as winning means and seeing what an idol sport has become
    …seeing how athletes of different faiths attribute their winning to g/God
    …the speed and endurance of Mo Farah as he took gold on 5/10k
    …being in the Olympic Park and being part of an event
    …sensing the power of the Olympic dream among the competitors, spectators and viewers

    Lots of amazing performances in many different sports.

  • Steve Sherwood

    Farah and Rupp in the 10,000 was a huge highlight, and virtually anything Missy Franklin did, awesome athlete and seemingly awesome young woman.

    And, Rushida’s 800 was the most remarkable track race I’ve ever seen.

  • DRT

    I did not watch much, but just took in the RUS BRA gold medal volleyball match, what a game!

  • Fernando

    The Brazilian women’s volleyball team come-from-behind victory. Fantastic, and carefully scheduled by NBC for after 11pm.

  • Kristina

    Durant and Lebron

  • josh carney

    Andrew Murray’s storied gold medal a month after the Wimbledon loss.

  • Christine

    Oh so many favorites – can’t limit myself to one or two!! To me, Scot, the Oympics are not just about sport, they’re more than that. When else do so many young people from so many countries come together? It’s truly special! Watch these young Olympians faces as they come into the arena for the closing ceremonies – they’ve had such incredible two weeks whether they won medals or not. It’s a time when maybe more of us let some of our cynicism go.

  • Tina

    Gabby Douglas…I was a gymnast up until I was 14 (not at that level but…) Plus, she is the first African American to win the all around…ever!

  • David Boudia’s final, almost perfection, dive to win Gold in the individual dive competition…a tense and breath-taking moment.

  • P.

    Mens’ and womens’ gymnastics were my favorites, but I also enjoyed seeing sports that I had never heard of!

    The Brits did a fantastic job putting on these Games!

  • Kirani James of Grenada exchanging race bibs with Oscar Pistorius (double amputee) of South Africa following their race in the 400 m. James went on to win his nation’s 1st ever Gold Medal.