Non-Religious Reasons for Church

Nick Shell (HT: JR):

Therefore, I am attempting to explain why going to church is a good idea for you and your kids, not from a religious perspective, but from more of a scientific one.

1. Friends. For you as well as your kids. Most of my friends and my wife’s friends are somehow traced back to our church. In fact, we met each other through a mutual friend that I met through a group of friends I knew through my church.

2. Community. Similarly, you find yourself among other people who are bound to have things in common with you and your children; even if it’s just the fact you are parents with kids around the same age at the same place.

3. Activities and events. There is always something happening on the church calendar and much of it involves free food. Not to mention, most of the activities themselves don’t cost anything to participate. Basically, it’s free entertainment with families you have stuff in common with.

4. Child care. Free child care. While you are in the main worship service, as well as Sunday School, your kids are being supervised and taught in their own age appropriate Sunday School and worship service where they make you crafts out of construction paper and popsicle sticks. 

5. Family values. Church is a great place to get moral reinforcement. It’s no secret that pop culture, everyday life, and even just our own negativity can be a drag on our ideal personal standards.

6. Motivation. Imagine the hope that comes out of the belief that the creator of this universe not only loves you but has a plan for your life. When you go to and belong to a church, you are exposed to a way of thinking that ultimately affects how you see the world, yourself, and others.

7. Opportunities to help others. You’d be amazed at some of the unique ways you can help othersand your community through your church. It is likely you will find a venue to serve others in a way that is framed around your talents and abilities.

8. Routine. When you expose yourself and your kids to all this positivity every week, after a while you’re bound to see a noticeable difference in the way your family interacts.

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  • Wait, at least half of these sound like religious reasons to me!

  • Roy

    Ive been in church my whole but have struggled with Her for the last 10 years or so (it’s looking up now).

    For some reason, this post makes me want to go to church! Seriously! Thanks for sharing.

  • Paul W

    Theses are all pretty common reasons people attend church services and I would suspect for other sorts of religious services as well.

    But surely it is more than a little stretch to consider such reasons as SCIENTIFICALLY oriented!!!

  • Mark Pike

    Church is good for you.

  • Percival

    Frankly, if not for Jesus, I’d never go to church. These reasons hold little appeal for most introverts.

  • aaron

    I could arguably obtain each of these values simply from having a corporate world job. with the exception of FREE childcare, but free is a value (or lack thereof) by itself.

    Has anyone watched the TED talk by Alain de Botton on a similar perspective? Very intriguing…

    If we’re taking this side of the story he has much more scientific reasons. Still, in my opinion, if you remove God from the equation church is absurd on just about every level.