For whom will Christian Women Vote?

David Kinnaman, at Barna, has a new study on how “Christian women” (church-going, etc) will vote:

Who Will They Vote For?
When it comes to the “horse race,” Christian women edge toward the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, over the incumbent, Barack Obama, but they are more likely to consider voting for President Obama than are Christian men.

Among Christian women, 53% support Romney, with 30% definitely planning to vote for the conservative. For their part, Christian men are much more likely to be in the Republican column (58% total and 34% definite).

Conventional political wisdom holds that party affiliations win the day, but women say that’s not the most important thing to them. A candidate’s stand on political issues is by far the most important (72%), followed by the candidate’s character (52%) and the candidate’s religious faith (27%). After that, other voting factors drop substantially in importance: party affiliation (13%), the candidate’s education (6%), speaking ability (4%), personality (3%), age (1%), endorsements (1%), and physical appearance (0.5%).

Interestingly, Christian women are slightly less likely than other voters to say the candidate’s position on issues was a critical factor. (It is still perceived by these women as their most important decision point, but less so than for other voters.) What is notable is that Christian women are most likely to mention the candidate’s character and faith, even more so than Christian men.

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  • Buck Eschaton

    I would hope they would give Jill Stein their vote, she’s the most Biblical, the only one advocating anything like a Jubilee.

  • Barb

    Most Christian women I know are Democrats.

  • MWK

    This Christian African-American woman is voting for Romney!

  • Ruth Anne shorter

    Let’s think about this–as a Christian woman whom will I vote for? Which president does not mention God in Thanksgiving proclamations, who favors abortion because they would not want their daughters lives ruined if something happened, who even is okay with partial birth abortions, who would disinvited Franklin graham from the pentagon’s national day of prayer, who in 2010 rewrites government documents to remove terms such as jihadists, etc, and I could go on and on. So let’s see, who shares my values of life and freedoms? It is not the incumbent Who would I rather choose the next supreme court justice? The answer is very clear. Romney and Ryan .

  • Gloria

    Romney-Ryan since I am more in line with Republican principles in general.

  • Denise

    For me, a white Christian woman in her 40s, it’s Obama — no question. I see in him the Christian values of compassion, egalitarianism, concern for the poor and dispossessed and many other things I won’t list. I want the government to keep its hands off my body. I do not want a theocracy or a plutocracy — just democracy. I also want our politicians in general to stop telling us we can solve complex issues with simple solutions. The answer to our government’s financial problems will not be solved by removing the safety nets put in place by/since the New Deal. I also abhor the fear- and hate-mongering that has become commonplace in our culture and politics. I keep thinking about the line in the movie “The American President” when President Sheppard said of his challenger Bob Rumsfeld: (this isn’t an exact quote) “his (campaign) is about telling you what to be afraid of and who to blame.” I think that’s an accurate illustration of what we’re seeing in real life. I pray that whoever wins the election will be guided by courage and compassion. Shalom.

  • PLTK

    Amen to #6 Denise.

  • Diane

    I heard a political scientist two years ago discuss the way the Republicans used to demonize the USSR and the communists as the big enemy. When that ended, they turned to demonizing the Democratic President. First is was Clinton, now Obama. (Listen to the scorn in the term “Obamacare”–in fact, the Affordable Health Care Act.) I am voting for Obama. He is a true moderate, a conservative who is trying to conserve the mixed system–both strong gov’t and strong private sector– that we has characterized the US social contract over the past 80 years. The Affordable Health Care Act is an attempt to preserve that system by bringing medical costs down while maintaining the compassion that has been the hallmark of American civic life. The current Republican party frightens me very much. I believe it has any traction at all because people in this country don’t know what real suffering is, what real poverty is. I’ve watched films of Jews starving to death in the Warsaw Ghetto–where were the Christians then? I want a strong social safety net. I am willing to pay for it. I want Medicare as we have it, of course, with the implementation of compassionate cost controls–and am willing to pay more taxes for it. I am willing to pay taxes even if don’t “want” to because I am the citizen of a civilized country. I don’t think gov’t is inherently evil. I don’t want my daughter to have to be beaten to a pulp to “prove” she was raped. I want a strong (by which I mean well-funded) public education system. In a word, I want to strengthen and build on the social contract that has made this country a good place to live for many generations.