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Facebook and its Spiritual Uses

From Kristin Deasy: Only six percent of Facebook users have joined a faith-based group in America, despite the fact that nearly half the country uses the social-networking site a couple times a week and over 80% of the population ascribes to some form of religion. The research, released this week by Public Religion Research Institute, also found that the most [Read More…]

I Agree with John Piper

John Piper was recently asked about his cautions for the new Calvinists, and here is his response — and I agree with him. And this isn’t just for Calvinists, though it applies to them, but about all theologies and ideologies that claim to be connected to the God of the Bible. Would there be any [Read More…]

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me (RJS)

Scot made a rather sobering comment on one of his posts last week – Douthat, Bass and Christianity’s Culture Wars: Here’s an interesting one: a pastor called me the other day, we got into a conversation about “gospel” and what churches are preaching, discipleship came up, and he said, “Who preaches the cost of discipleship [Read More…]

Finding the Apostle Paul

Paul gets bashed a bit these days as more and more Christians realize the anchor of their faith is Jesus. But all orthodox Christian faith is at the same time rooted in the biblical witness and not just historical methods. Biblical faith deals with Paul because Paul’s letters — thirteen of them in traditional counting [Read More…]

Stephen Coll, Awlaki, and Presidential Power

This is a fascinating scenario for pondering Christian ethics and American law and rights. Stephen Coll, at The New Yorker, is on the side of those who think the President has extended his power too much and sets a precedent for further instances. What do you think? Legal? Constitutional? Right? On September 30, 2011, in [Read More…]

Judith, Friend of Junia

Robin Gallaher Branch, in Biblical Archaeology Review, has an article about Judith, whom I consider a friend of Junia — a woman of enormous capacity who is largely unknown. I clip the beginning of the article, then Robin’s eleven points, but you will have to go to the BAR site or magazine to get the [Read More…]

Apologetics is Unavoidable

If you are a Christian, and by that I mean if you “believe” in King Jesus and you follow him, apologetics will be unavoidable at two levels. The first level is in your own head as you seek to make sense of your Christian faith, and this “in your head” level of apologetics is a [Read More…]

The Waiting is Over

James Atwood admits he has been waiting for 36 years, but that wait (for all of us who have been waiting) is now over: Atwood himself wrote the book. What’s he been waiting for? After he buried one Herb Hunter who was killed by a reckless use of an easily-purchased handgun, he’s been waiting for [Read More…]

Olympic Coverage

By Frida Ghitis: (CNN) — If you’ve been mesmerized by the drama, like millions of other viewers watching coverage of the Olympic Games, you have heard the most heroic, inspirational stories of athletes reaching the pinnacle of international competition. Or, at least you think you have. The truth is American viewers are missing out on the [Read More…]

Planning the Tour

As we are pondering our Tour through the lands and places of Jesus in Galilee and Paul and the apostles in Asia Minor, I would like to announce that it will be during our time in Asia Minor that I will be teaching through my next book — a book about Paul — his life [Read More…]