Good one Joe!

Joe Posnanski’s great post about losing his iPad on a plane. Here’s the opening, but go read the whole thing.

I left my iPad on a plane the other day. The crazy thing about it — as if there needs to be an extra layer of crazy about leaving a hugely expensive and personal and professionally vital device on an airplane — was that I thought about it five minutes before I did it. Not after. BEFORE. I put the iPad in the front seat pocket just as the plane was in its final descent, and I thought: “You know, I better remember this. I’ve got all my numbers and notes and work ideas and unfinished novels and secrets of the golf swing on this. It would be incredibly stupid to leave this iPad on the plane.”

Then, five or ten minutes later, I did exactly that. The phone rang, the guy next to me was in a hurry, the guy behind me … stop making excuses, I completely lost my mind, that’s what happened. I flat forgot it. I walked off the plane and forgot the thing in the seat pocket. And then I checked my messages and made a couple of calls and didn’t think about it until I got home. The second I got home, I DID think about it, and not for the first time, and not for the last, a single thought crashed down as if spoken

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  • DRT

    A co-worker had his work computer stolen out of his car, in his driveway, the other night, but the thief was nice enough to leave go through the computer bag and not take his ID and papers. But they also took the bag.

  • I am simplifying and saving money and desiring real contact with people–face-to-face. Stopped texting. Considered a smart phone, but don’t really need it. My digital camera makes the best pictures. Don’t want to indulge in technolust. Don’t want an iPad–use a three year old notebook instead to take notes places like church. Heard about people dropping and breaking their iPads.

    I’m done. But, sorry for you, Joe.