No Longer Needed

What device or devices do you no longer need or use now that you have an iPhone (or Smart phone)?

Kris and I use our iPhones when we travel as an alarm clock, a computer, GPS, etc…

The coolest device not needed — for me at least — is that on a golf course I don’t have to use the satellite yardage calculator in the golf cart but can use my iPhone. A creative re-use of GPS technology.

Here’s a cool article that shows 15 devices we no longer need.

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  • RJS

    These vary rather dramatically.

    I use my iPhone as a GPS, alarm clock, and e-mail reader as well as for short replies (and, of course, to text and call). It can function in an emergency for some of the others. A “real” camera is substantially better than the iPhone (although I do use the iPhone camera). Reading, games, movies, replacement computer, flashlight … only in a pinch. The iPad is better at this last set … although neither phone nor pad really replaces the computer.

  • Rick

    An iPhone does not work real well for excercising (running, jogging, etc…). The ipods, such as the Nano, work much better.

  • Larry Barber

    Use my Android for tuning my guitar and as a metronome. It’s also eliminated the land line into my house.

    It is, however, definitely not a replacement for a full size computer with a full size screen and keyboard. A tree took out my internet cable and did some other minor damage to my house, I had to use my Android and it just about drove me crazy.

  • Wouldn’t it be sad if someone said they no longer need a Bible.

  • DRT

    I share the same as RJS with these additions.

    Also, ipod or pod caster, music listening thingy, heart rate monitor while I jog, notepad (with Evernote), wrist watch, ..and phone…

  • DRT

    Steve, Winnipeg, Canada, I do use it to play bible audio while I jog…. and have not opened my paper bible in a long time, though I tend to use the computer for bible and not the mobile device.

  • Anna

    Steve, you can also use this:

    Multiple translations, including original languages.

  • jay dusold

    one of-the-beaten-path usage of my iphone is for taking a picture of quotes in books and then using an OCR app to have it return as text which I can then insert into messages. beats typing, especially the pathetic hunt and peck i do!

  • [1] watch, [2] camera, [3] stopwatch/timer, [4] GPS, [5] calendar/day planner, [6] address book, [7] radio/iPod/portable music player, [8] video projector (via AirPlay), [9] dictionary/encyclopedia (wikipedia, IMDB, Google searches, translations), [10] handheld gaming, [11] maps, [12] alarm clock, [13] newspaper/magazine (Flipboard/Instapaper/Twitter lists), [14] calculator

  • Phil Miller

    A lot of those things on that list I still use the original.

    Alarm clock – We don’t use the actual alarm, but we still have a clock beside our bed.

    iPod – I’m kind of slowly transitioning here. I have a 5th Gen 80gb iPod Classic that’s still running, and it’s about full. I’ve subscribed to Apple’s iCloud service, but I still use my Classic quite a bit. For use in the car and flying, I actually prefer it, because I can use it without being connected to the internet.

    Kindle – I can’t imagine preferring reading on the iPhone compared to my Kindle. I have the 3rd Gen 3G version. It still works fine for what I need it to do. It can go for weeks without having to be charged.

    Calculator – I occasionally use a calculator app on the iPhone, but for real engineering calculations, I’ll use the real deal with actual buttons.

    Guitar Tuner – I use a tuner on my pedalboard that mutes the signal from my guitar while on stage. The iPhone can’t really do this yet.