Unlike so many today who want to find someone or some group to blame, the Pope calls each of us to pursue the path of peace:

BEIRUT (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI made a sweeping appeal Sunday for peace in Syria and the Middle East, decrying the violence “which generates so much suffering.”

Speaking at an open-air Mass before a huge crowd, he urged the international community and Arab countries in particular to find a solution to end the conflict in neighboring Syria.

“Why so much horror? Why so many dead,” Benedict said, lamenting that “the first victims are women and children.”

With pilgrims from across the Middle East in the crowd he said Christians must do their part to end the “grim trail of death and destruction” in the region.

“I appeal to you all to be peacemakers,” Benedict said….

Benedict has been appealing for tolerance and religious freedom.

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  • Scot, was at a great meeting Friday od extraordinary Christian peacemakers, especially among Muslims. I met so many examples of what the Pope is calling for. Joseph Cummings of Yale was one whose witness touched me deeply.

  • Gloria

    The Pope is calling for tolerance and religious freedom. That is what Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus need to work toward.

  • DRT

    There is a potentially unsolvable problem here…. The honor culture that demands retribution aggravated by a free speech culture that allows insult surely will always clash.

  • Patrick


    True on the current crap over the film.

    The problem the pope is dealing with appears to be Syria though. He is right to do so for general purposes and the “rebel side” which is the darling of our nation is also the bane of the Christians. They’re already being persecuted by the radical Sunnis when they take over areas where Christians congregate, if the rebels win they’ll have it even worse.

    I for one could care less about US interests. I live here, I don’t honor interests above the body of Christ, so I hope the rebels shut it down voluntarily and lose if they don’t. Everywhere violent revolution happens, worse seems to be the result instead of better.

    I think Iraq is worse off myself, I know it is for the believers. I hate what the US did there. I hate what we do a lot since the end of the cold war honestly.

  • DRT

    Patrick, good call out. I guess I just I consider his comments on Syria obligatory, and largely unproductive and impotent in that situation.