What’s Next?

Most of us see why Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban supersized sugary drinks, but the issue is Who makes that decision (if not the seller of the product)? and What’s next? Mark Roberts weighs in:

I’m all in favor of Americans (including me) cutting down on calories, especially empty ones. But I’m not all in favor of the government mandating such things. I wonder what will come next? Surely there are other unhealthy foods that Mayor Bloomberg and his pals can ban. How about overly sugary donuts? Or what about candy? Or what about cotton candy at Coney Island? Or how about the use of half and half in coffee drinks? Or oversized bagels? Or pizza with too much cheese? Or movie popcorn with butter? Or . . . ?

Let’s have some fun with this one: What would you ban from sales if you could?

I begin with this: pendulum putters, gas guzzling engines, brussel sprouts, phones that ring on trains or airplanes, Notre Dame football games on Saturdays, Duke basketball games all week long, and … drumroll… cheesehead hats for Green Bay Packer fans.

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  • Cheap consumer products made overseas.

  • Pat

    Cashiers asking for donations to charities. I was asked at the grocery store this weekend about donating to United Way and I’m already asked to contribute at work. Plus, since this is a store that I frequent almost weekly, am I going to be asked again throughout the duration of the campaign? Grrr…….

  • Ryan

    The lottery. This would help poor people and society way more than banning soda.

  • reJoyce

    Corn syrup.
    (Which your comment software thinks is too short of an answer, so you get this bit afterwards as well.)

  • If cheese heads are banned so must all other ______-head iterations of that shameful display.

    I would say ban Red Bull, 5-hour energy and all the Monster drinks that have folks WAY TOO amped up these days. We’ve got enough caffeine options, don’t we?

    Kullervo, what would be left? Local produce and a few dozen free range eggs?

  • And Lodge cast iron cookware. But yeah, that’s about it.

  • trevor

    Clemson, Clemson, Clemson

  • AHH

    Political campaign robo-calls (says this resident of a “swing state”).
    And nuts that ruin perfectly good salads.
    And Mormon ads on Christian blogs.
    And spam (the email, not the semi-tasty meat product).

  • EricW

    I’d ban the Bible. Maybe that way more people would read it. :p

  • AndyM

    SUVs that have no capability / intention of going off-road, and just block the visibility of everyone around them.
    I’ve long held that if you want an SUV / 4WD, it should be mandatory that it is fluoro pink so that you have to REALLY want it badly before you’d put up with that blight on your style judgement.

  • DRT

    Well, people who are both stupid and arrogant (either one alone is fine), corn syrup (already mentioned), those plastic packages you can’t open, the Dallas Cowboys, pretzels where all the salt has fallen off, Scot Rick Rolling me again over the weekend, men who can dance, computer programmers except for John Carmack, hot office/school/public buildings, trans fat, perfume, car keys (we are making progress there), ties (what the heck are they anyway?), cats, pastel colors on guys (unless they have style if you know what I mean), full sheet paper towels (if you have not tried a roll of the half sheet ones you should get one, that is all I need in most situations), pants worn down low (pants on the ground, pants on the ground…), licking envelopes and stamps, microwaves that don’t stop beeping once you open the door, water efficient toilets, extended warranty rip offs, advertising for feminine products/ED meds, fellowship time, ….

    Now we need one for things we want more of!

  • DRT

    …and whole life insurance, the biggest rip off in the world.

  • Phillip

    Anything about vampires not by Bram Stoker, coffees over $2/cup (and only that high because sometimes you have to get it on the road), niche Bibles, and anything cat-related.

  • flavored creamer for coffee (soooo good)!!

  • Mike M

    GMO crops. Almost wrote “food” there.

  • the diet and weight loss industry

  • Mark

    Theology conducted via Twitter.

  • P.

    Robo-calls offering to lower my interest rates.
    Sales people who want me to sign up for their store’s card (getting to be a bit much)
    People who hate cats (blows raspberry).

  • RJS

    We had Brussels sprouts at dinner last night … Excellent! (And Notre Dame football is OK for this upcoming Saturday.)

    Non-dairy “creamer” (hah!)
    Artificial Christmas Trees

  • Alan K

    Oh humanity! Always thinking it can be saved by law and principle.

  • Deb4kids

    Any and all Halloween products, parties and/or pronouncements marketed or aimed at those over the age of 12.

    This includes trashy-sexy costumes, over the top- gruesome yard displays and Christian debates on the Satanic nature of allowing your three year old to dress up as a kitty cat and charm candy out of a few neighbors and Grandma.

  • RobS

    Happy meal toys. Plastics made from oil, employing cheap overseas labor that ends up in our landfills after making some kid “happy” for about 30 seconds.

  • Amanda B.

    Playing songs or advertisements on the radio which include either a) car horns honking, or b) police sirens.