Top Professions for Coffee Consumption

From iO9, and you can read the article at the link:

True to your experience? Most professors I know drink coffee or tea… so I’m not surprised to see them on the list. What about politicians?

Among those polled, scientists and lab techs were found to be the heaviest coffee drinkers in the country. Anyone who works, or has worked, in science will likely find this result unsurprising. Science, after all, is a 24-hour job. Experiments often run on timelines that are in every way at odds with the circadian rhythms of a normal human being — or any other creature, for that matter. Many scientists work under crushing pressure to publish results before competing labs or research groups. Limited funding requires researchers to put in countless hours writing grant proposals when they could be doing science. (It’s not that they’re writing grants instead of doing science, by the way. They’re writing grants and doing science.)


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  • Tried to figure out where clergy fit on the list. Fellow pastors led me down the path to mild dependence on that “nectar of the black bean.”

  • Being in the editor/writer category myself, this chart holds true for me. 🙂

  • JoeyS

    This holds true for me. My job is one that requires a high amount of concentration and focus – I do a lot of PR, HR, project management, and the coffee flows.

  • RJS

    Wow. I won’t tell you how many cups (and not usually the good stuff) I drink every day.

    Even if it is a BIG mug it only counts as one right?

  • I am an attorney and indeed, I take my coffee black.

  • Klasie Kraalogies

    Absolutely true.

    It reminds me of the sign that appeared outside the Math Department at my University, back in the 90’s:

    A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems.

  • AndyM

    is addiction to anything (coffee, facebook, anything that we desperately miss if we don’t involve it in our day….) just another form of idolatry we need to examine and possibly root out?

  • Klasie Kraalogies

    Andy, what about addiction to finding things to judge? 🙂

  • AndyM

    i didn’t realise that exhorting fellow believers (and me) to examine their lives and walk in a manner that brought glory to God was judging. each person should assess whether something is an idol in their lives or not.
    for me, coffee isn’t something that is an idol. to others, it probably is.

    we tend to excuse our sins and paint them as quirks or tendencies.

  • Klasie Kraalogies

    Ah, I guess it is my inner Lutheran objecting to what seems pietism….

    BTW Andy, 🙂 indicates some form of tongue-in-cheek comment.

  • AndyM

    fair call, klasie – i was probably reacting more to being surrounded by trying circumstances adjoining the keyboard than purely from your comment 🙂
    apologies for my lack of politeness in my tone.

  • Klasie Kraalogies

    That’s ok. I’ll drink a cup of coffee to our resolved tension 😉

  • Mike M

    “Physicians” should probably be broken down more. When I worked in the ER, I used to joke to the nurses to just hang a n IV bag of caffeine up to me. Radiologists, not so much. As a performance enhancer, coffee just can’t be beat and I’m pretty sure most ER patients want the doc to be at peak form.

  • AndyM

    I’ve got my third (or fourth) of the day in front of me at the moment (two of which are decaf). the smell of coffee promises so much more than most coffees ever deliver. like the temptress in proverbs.

    Klasie: Lutherans tend to be a bit more free in how they let others imbibe and set their own boundaries on things like smoking, drinking and coffee. mostly sensibly too. if it isn’t being done sinfully, often we put cultural spiritual restrictions when it should be a matter of conscience. i heard the joke that the difference between lutherans and baptists is that lutherans smoke and drink in front of each other.

  • MatthewS

    Coffee the temptress, that’s funny.

    The warm cup of something to drink is kind of a comfort food for me. There is a Dilbert joke that programmers turn coffee into code (and I resemble that remark). I’m surprised that there isn’t a clearer category for engineers and software developers in the top 15 list.

  • Amanda B.

    I’m an editor, writer and teacher who only drinks coffee with flavoring in it. As in, my favorite kind of coffee is basically hot cocoa with a mild undertone of coffee in it.