I Call this a Challenge!

Look like The New Yorker is challenging the President.

What’s your caption?

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  • Deets

    Sometimes what the chair says gets less negative press. “Big Bird.”

  • Blake

    I think the chair is the new strawman. I think the New Yorker is drawing a comparison between Romney and Eastwood.

  • Chris Miller

    In honour of Clint: Mr. President, I can`t do that.

  • http://LostCodex.com DRT


    Caption supplied in this video….

  • http://LostCodex.com DRT

    Well, not for the chair….

  • Darian Burns

    To important to show up.

  • Curtis

    Pulling out the stops, Romney takes an empty chair out of Dirty Harry’s playbook.

  • Darian Burns

    The View called…

  • http://www.jonrising.blogspot.com Jon Rising

    “Well, no, Jim, I’d rather leave it to the voters to decide whether or not the President’s performance tonight was wooden and vacuous. But, I will say that I now see that some of the President’s harshest critics — who I thought were disrespectful and overreaching — may be on to something when referring to him as ChairMan Obama.”

  • Luke D

    Real Reason Obama did not show up…
    does not really want to go through another four years of torture
    the nation is declining and he is rich..time to sit back and start charities!

  • CGC

    Hi Everyone,
    The irony in all this is if Obama wins the election, does that mean from this picture that he did not even have to show up to the debates to beat Romney? Here is one prediction: George Bush beat Al Gore by the electoral college but Al Gore had the populast majority vote. Republicans said that’s the way the game has always been played and no foul (which by the way, I for one agree with . . . If we just go to popular vote like many Americans want, forget about smaller states and smaller communities, the politicians will only campaign in the big cities and states where they can get the most votes). It is very possible that in this election, Romney may get the populast majority vote and Obama wins the electoral college and the election. If that happens, watch Republicans come unglued on how that is not fair and a long season of political writings on why this country should get away from the outdated way of the electoral college and go to a simple majority vote wins the election. The ironies and both political parties talking out of both sides of their mouths is one of the reason why people enamored with one political party are blind to its own idealogy and weaknesses.

  • MatthewS

    CGC #11, good point. I have seen people argue for the electoral college when their side wins and against it when their side loses. I believe it’s a good mechanism and I make a point of defending it to friends after each election, win or lose.

  • http://www.twitter.com/aaronlage aaron

    I’m surprised the moderators chair isn’t shown as ’empty’ as well…

  • AndyM

    to the rest of the world, the electoral college method of voting for your president does seem strange. it makes a vote in a smaller area more valuable and more weighty than if you live in a heavily populated area. you are all equal, but some are more equal than others…

  • CGC

    Hi Andy,
    This is not accurate (#14). What the electoral college does is not give people in smaller populated areas more weight to their vote but tries to level the playing field overall. Like I said before, if people want to do away with the electoral college, they can. But pragmatically what this means is smaller states and unpopulated areas don’t count any more (only populated cities and states). If we go to simple majority vote, what people will see in the future is all the politicians only going to certain cities and states to win an election (and no where else!). The rest of the country really won’t matter politically . . . .

  • AndyM

    if the members of the college come from areas with different numbers of constituents, a voter in a less populated area will have proportionally more influence over the outcome of the election than in a more populated area. For instance, losing a thousand votes in a smaller college area matters more than if you are in a highly urban area.
    it is good that the system means that the candidates have to appeal to the entire country and to the broadest geographic area, but it does mean that if you come from a less populated area your vote has more weight. there isn’t any perfect system. yours has lasted well and you haven’t had too many tyrants or coups, so it cant be too bad :-)