Do you send cards any more?

From AP:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – Say it’s your birthday or you’ve just had a baby, maybe got engaged or bought your first house. If you’re like many Americans, your friends are texting their congratulations, sending you an e-card or clicking “Like” on your Facebook wall.

But how many will send a paper greeting card?

“I’m really, really bad at it,” said Melissa Uhl. The 25-year-old nanny from Kansas City, Mo., hears from friends largely through Facebook. “Maybe,” she said, “an e-card from my mom.”

Once a staple of birthdays and holidays, paper greeting cards are fewer and farther between – now seen as something special, instead of something that’s required. The cultural shift is a worrisome challenge for the nation’s top card maker, Hallmark Cards Inc., which last week announced it will close a Kansas plant that made one-third of its greeting cards. In consolidating its Kansas operations, Kansas City-based Hallmark plans to shed 300 jobs.

Pete Burney, Hallmark’s senior vice president who overseas production, says “competition in our industry is indeed formidable” and that “consumers do have more ways to connect digitally and online and through social media.”

"Such sweet naïveté."

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  • Any more? I’ve never sent cards…

  • I send cards! but I don’t get as many as I used to. but I’m a baby boomer; I think that is a factor.

  • Pat Pope

    The family that owns American Greetings here in Cleveland, recently announced they would be taking company private. It just makes me wonder if their move is somehow related to this change in the industry and what their plans for the future are.

  • I haven’t sent Christmas cards for probably 12 years, yet I am still on many people’s lists. Every year I cut the addresses from the envelopes of the cards we received, tape the address to the back of the card, and……..put them in a box.

  • When I was a younger, I was never good at sending cards. Now that I’m pushing 30 and see the encouragement such a simple practice can bring, I send cards. However, I send cheesey mass-produced greeting cards very, very infrequently.

    I do send hand-written note cards weekly to newcomers of the church I pastor, folks I am praying for, etc. For special occasions like birthdays, babys, etc., I will also send more ornate cards, usually custom made by my wife or one of her artistic friends. In a pinch I will use a nicely designed blank notecard.

    It’s a little extra effort, but it shows people they are genuinely valued… and I enjoy writing the notes.

  • Ann

    Yes, I do – not Christmas cards, but cards for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy, get well, just because… I think there is something special about sending someone a hand written note. I’m not the type to just sign my name; I want there to be something personal about it if possible. I’m not quite 30; and I think I’m probably the most likely person to send cards of anyone I know within my age bracket (say 25-45).

  • The way things go, Tech is replacing lots of jobs

  • Amanda B.

    I’d rather get a heartfelt email than a squawking Hoops and Yoyo greeting card with a signature in it. I try to get in touch with my friends for important events, but I generally end up getting a blank card for that, since upwards of 90% of the greeting cards available are unforgivably hokey.

    Though I think convenience is a factor, it seems to me that many people of my generation just don’t have much patience for anything perceived to be artificial formality. I suspect this is a bigger motivator than the ease of clicking “Like”.

  • My wife sends cards all the time; birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. She loves doing it and I’m thankful she does. Everyone that receives them loves it. Admittedly, with postage rates and the price of cards, she gets many of her cards at the Dollar Store. But the love and interest that goes with each card is well beyond their price.