Outlets, outlets, outlets

Tom Szaky … some good suggestions for airports and airplanes.

What would you add?

No matter how you do it, travel is a strain — made worse, I believe, because airlines seem to have a hard time with customer service. Maybe it’s just because there are always so many exhausted travelers complaining. Or maybe it’s something more systemic. Who knows? But I continue to believe there are some easy fixes that airlines could make. Here are my top six.

1. Outlets — more of them.

2. Non-reclining seats …

3. Cabin PA

4. Checking in issues.

5. Lounge rules.

6. Alcohol policy.

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  • Phil Miller

    I think I’m too much of an optimist, or perhaps even a realist, to give too many amens to these sorts of posts. Talk about first world problems. Yes, going through security is annoying, and being in somewhat cramped conditions inside a plane isn’t too fun, but I’m still amazed when I fly that I can get on a plane be a thousand miles away in 3 hours or so. It definitely beats sitting in a car for 14 hours or whatever.

    As far as the number of outlets in airports, it’s a relatively simple explanation. Most airports were designed and built well before everyone was carrying two or three electronic devices with them. Renovations are expensive.

  • Chris

    Free wifi, end of story. Paying for that after what you pay for tickets is ridiculous. Plenty of big airports (the small ones seem less prone to this) seem to have missed that and instead went straight for another moneymaker …

  • My only request is free wifi. I can handle the rest of it but paying after you dished out all that money is somewhat funny and insulting. But they need to make money and the price of fuel, repairs, and everything else is costing them money.

    Many of these airlines are shutting down because of these things and others have planes older than my kids that are still flying. Repairing those planes is my only concern when it comes to airlines.

  • Free WiFi
    Power Outlets

  • metanoia

    User random passenger profiling instead of making all of us strip down to our skivvies before they let us go to the terminal.

  • Barb

    water fountains with good water that are designed to fill water bottles

  • Tim

    Non-reclining seats?! Have you ever taken a red-eye flight? What’s so bad about having the seat in front of you recline?