What’s Your Favorite Pizza?

It is right and meet that Chicago wins this one, but they got the wrong place. The best pizza in Chicagoland is Bill’s Pizza and Pub in Mundelein IL. Hands down, the best; we’ve tried all the major restaurant pizzas …

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  • I haven’t been to any of these but I think Minsky’s Pizza in Kansas City is the gold standard for our metro. Of course, pizza is only eaten as an occasional diversion from the basic staple of BBQ.

  • My favorite pizza is the one I make from scratch on the grill.

    The best pizza I ever ate, better even then my own, was at a place called Appolonia’s in Dubuque, Iowa. The restaurant was owned and operated by a women’s shelter. It provided employment ( strictly back of the house) for some of the shelter’s residents. Hands down best pizza ever plus a righteous cause.

    Sadly, it appears that Appolonia’s has gone out of business.

  • Well, I have to say Il Girasole in St Neots serves by far the best pizza I’ve eaten anywhere, even in Italy. And it’s just a fifteen minute walk from my house.

    In the unlikely event anyone reading this visits St Neots in the UK, try a Girasole pizza. You will not go away hungry – or disappointed 🙂 http://www.il-girasole.co.uk/

  • DRT

    What about Billy Bob’s? No southern pizzerias in this list.

  • Lou’s hands down wins.

  • metanoia

    An older pastor was once asked, “What is the best version of the Bible?” His response, “The one you’ll read.” Only people who have never had Lou Malnati’s pizza would even dare to ask this question. 😉
    Although as a disclaimer, pizza snobs are like wine snobs. I contend that the best pizza is the one you like.

  • J @ North Park Sem

    At the Great Banquet in heaven, Lou Malnati’s is being served. Lou’s is the official pizza of heaven. Fact.

  • We live on the same block as Art of Pizza in Chicago (south Lakeview), and it’s pretty freaking good…

  • Terry

    Interestingly enough, the only one on that list that I have tried is Lou Malnati’s. I didn’t really care for it myself, but in fairness to them, it was mail ordered from their store. That likely has a lot to do with it. In Chicago, I’ve only eaten at UNO, and I did like that, a lot. As to life changing pizza, I suppose mine would be a little closer to home: http://www.coburgpizza.com. Of course, that actually is my home. No one makes crazy pizza better. 🙂

    Metonia is right however, the best pizza is the one you like.

  • scotmcknight

    Terry, and you make GREAT pizzas… I’m a witness.

  • Via Veneto Pizza, 1803 Markley Street Norristown, PA has the best Sicilian style pizza.
    Try it with pepperoni and garlic. Outstanding.
    And the best Tomato Pie (anyone know what that is ;>) is not far away: Corropolese Bakery & Deli, on Old Arch Rd. Norristown, PA. People come from miles around to get it fresh for their parties.

  • My kids and I in NYC (near Times Square) asked a cop. Always good practice. He pointed us to a place on 38th near Sixth. Hole in the wall. Great pizza because the company (my chilldren) was so GREAT. Beyond that, Unos.