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Four Relationship Defeaters

From Barking Up the Wrong Tree: How can he tell who will split up? There are a number of indicators but at the core of Gottman’s research are “ The Four Horsemen.” These are the four things that indicate a marriage apocalypse is on its way: Criticism – Complaints are fine. Criticism is more global — it [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Story (John Frye)

I (John Frye) like to tell my friend, Scot McKnight, that Eugene H. Peterson was emergent before most of the well-known emergent leaders were born. One emphasized element in the blossoming theology of discipleship these days is the place and power of story. In 1980 John Knox Press published EHP’s Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral [Read More…]

After Pietism

Tim Keller contends that in the first half of the 20th Century American evangelicalism went pietistic, and by that he means “ignore culture and put all stress on conversions and on the spiritual growth of individuals” (184, in Center Church).  Two quick points before we move on: First, he’s right: far too many of evangelicals withdrew [Read More…]

What is Espresso?

Smithsonian has a wonderful article on the history of espresso but this concluding paragraph summarizes what espresso is: Over more than a century, the espresso machine has been drastically improved, with electrical components, computerized measurements, and portable pneumatics. But as with the finest objects of design, science and technology is not enough. There is an [Read More…]

The Pastor and Politics

From Mark Stevens: Upon reading this I was reminded of why it is not my job as a pastor to become embroiled in politics or political issues; at least not in an activist sense. My role as a pastor is to proclaim Christ and him crucified. To invite people, powerful and weak, rich and poor [Read More…]

Wow, Job (RJS)

I was inspired earlier this year to listen to the whole Bible straight through – inspired by the example of some of the regular readers and commenters on this blog. In the course of this project (as of today I am about 3/4 of the way through a second pass) I have learned quite a [Read More…]

Christians, Muslims Team Up in Apologetics

Again, this series by Jeff Cook. One of the best argument for God’s existence comes from Islamic philosophers, and has received a good deal of attention recently given our understanding of Big Bang cosmology. William L Craig’s formulation of the cosmological argument is clean and if you think postulating a material reality outside this universe [Read More…]

Cook Your Own Meals

… that’s what this study says: Might as well be up front: we eat at home Sunday-Thursday night; we share the cooking duties, though I do most of it and love doing it. Truth telling time: I barely did a thing in the kitchen for the first 28 yrs of our marriage so I’m still [Read More…]

Not Just Universities

How does this apply to churches? For example, in a framework presented by Cook-Greuter (here), there are three conventional stages of adult human development in which  77% of adults typically find themselves:  diplomat, expert, and achiever. In diplomat, an individual makes meaning by conforming with group norms, and a leader in diplomat will often use words, like “family” [Read More…]

Church: Institution for Overactive Consciences?

So what is that many of us are members of, participants in? Just what is this thing called “church”? I like it when pastors theologize, so when Andy Stanley gets to doing theology I want to see how he thinks. I know how he preaches; I know how he writes; but in his new book Deep [Read More…]