Last Call: The Tour

Kris and I are inviting you to consider a trip with us through some cities of the apostles in Asia Minor (Turkey), a four day walking tour from Nazareth down to Capernaum — alongside the beautiful Sea of Galilee — and then a day excursion in Jerusalem.

Because these kinds of trips have to planned well in advance, we are asking those who are “lingering” or “wondering” to do what they can to make a decision…

The big picture: we will fly into Instanbul (Constantinople), tour some of the cities of Peter and Paul and John in Asia Minor, fly to Tel Aviv, get a bus to Nazareth, Jesus’ home town, and then the unique part of this trip is that we will go on a four-day hike from Nazareth to Capernaum. Then we will bus down to Jerusalem to spend a day in Jerusalem.

Please think of joining Kris and me on this life-time of memories tour. Our intent is to join other Christians in reflecting on our faith as we experience the holy land and sacred spaces that were significant in the lives of Jesus and the apostles.

Yes, of course, daily meditations and Bible studies and excursions into history and archaeology in order to illuminate the Bible and our faith.

We are happy to announce the original expected cost for the tour has dropped 10%!

To download the following announcement as a brochure, go here.

Estimated price of $4495 from Chicago, per person, double occupancy includes: Round-trip airfare to Istanbul Turkey and Tel Aviv, Israel on a scheduled carrier, 9+ days touring the sites listed in Israel and Turkey, first class hotels (and for the Jesus Trail portion of the tour) with guest house (shared bathroom)/bed & breakfast type accommodations. Also, breakfast and dinner daily and all transfers, entrance fees, taxes and tips to hotels, drivers and guides. Air-conditioned coaches for travel and touring in Turkey and in Israel; the first four-days of touring in Israel is by foot on the Jesus Trail.


Send payments (by check payable to Inspired Travel) and a registration form to:

INSPIRED TRAVEL 3000 W. MacArthur Blvd. #450 Santa Ana, CA 92704

Please include IT 2482-TD on all checks and correspondence. A deposit of $400 per person is due September 28, 2012. All registrations will be processed on a space-available basis. With your deposit receipt we will send a color brochure with tour conditions and general travel information. Full payment and a copy of your passport is due by February 27, 2013.

Your final payment will include Foreign Accidental Medical and Sickness Coverage up to $50,000 and Medical Evacuation coverage with Travelex. The Foreign Accidental Medical and Sickness Coverage DOES NOT cover pre- existing conditions or cancellation insurance.

ROOMMATES: If you need a roommate, we are usually able to provide one. A fee of $520 will be applied if you are among the last to register and we cannot provide a roommate for you, so register early. Hotels will allow up to three people per room, upon request. All beds are twin sized and will be combined for couples.

PRICING: Prices are subject to change due to new airline fuel surcharges and/or tax increase that may be changed up to the date the non-refundable airline tickets are written.

REFUNDS AND PENALTIES: If you need to cancel, you must notify Inspired Travel in writing. All cancellations will be charged a $150 processing fee per person. Cancellations after December 28, 2012 are charged a $400 penalty. Cancellations after February 27, 2013 are subject to additional airline, hotel, and tour penalties that may exceed 75% of the tour cost. Cancellations within two weeks of departure date will be charged 100% penalty. CST 2057980-10

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  • Anthony

    Scott, this comment is off topic – (not sure how else to get this to you). But you’ve written some helpful stuff on prominent protestants who convert to Catholicism (your ETS article). I have a curious observation (and can’t explain it as yet). This seems, as far as I can tell, to be a USA phenomena! If this is correct then why so? There doesn’t appear to be a significant flow of protestant ministers and intellectuals to Catholicism in England, Australia, NZ, Canada, Europe for example (not sure of other parts of the world). [Or is there and I don’t know about it?]. Maybe exploring this may provide new insights. Maybe your blog and its readership could help? Just an idea.
    God Bless

  • Rejoycingtoday

    We’ve signed up and are looking forward to the trip. Anyone else going?