Coffee’s Good for Words

From The Smithsonian:

A cup or two of coffee doesn’t just give you energy—it might make you a think a little more quickly. That’s not exactly a shocker, but for coffee drinkers, a new study showing that caffeine can improve verbal processing speed should put a nice perk in your day.

Despite conventional wisdom that caffeine is a harmful drug, a growing body of research is demonstrating that it can confer a wide range of benefits when consumed in moderation. Within the past year, studies have indicated that caffeine can help improve muscle strength for seniorsdelay the onset of Alzheimer’s and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Now, a study published today in the journal PLOS ONE suggests that 200 mg of caffeine—the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee—can help the brain identify words more quickly and precisely. In a study conducted by psychologists Lars Kuchinke and Vanessa Lux from Ruhr University in Germany, healthy young adults given a 200 mg caffeine tablet exhibited improved speed and accuracy while completing a word recognition task.

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  • Derek Rishmawy

    Yeah, yeah, that’s it. That’s why I drink it. I’m not addicted, I’m just trying to think and thinking’s an integral part of preaching and preaching is an integral part of ministry. Really, coffee is essential to the Gospel.

  • Nate W.

    With my ADD brain, I can barely THINK a complete sentence, let alone articulatly verbalize an idea without stimulents. My prescribed drugs work far better, but caffeine certainly helps in a pinch.

  • Lois Tverberg

    Nate – yes, caffeine is providing the same stimulation that the prescription drugs do. That’s also part of why people with ADD tend to procrastinate until they are down to the wire – because then their own stress hormones kick in and help them focus. It’s one’s own “natural” Ritalin equivalent.

  • josenmiami

    I KNEW it … coffee is awesome … although I do not have any more room for hair on my chest!

  • Phillip

    “should put a nice perk in your day” – Was the pun intended?