Shifting Population

Some are rejoicing that the “white Christian strategy” is losing while others in the church are wondering where to focus… but these numbers, if accurate, are worth pondering. Source: The Daily Beast.

Click on the image for a full screen shot.

[One of the most annoying features of posts like this for me is when some attempt to deconstruct the numbers without offering more accurate numbers; if you want to question numbers you need to provide better ones. Questions about someone’s numbers don’t cut it for our conversations.]

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  • RJS

    The full discussion at the Public Religion Research Institute site is worth a look as well: Survey | 2012 Post-Election American Values Survey & 2012 Ohio Values Survey

  • The PRRI study seems to correlate well with Pew Foundation’s research, too. Pew’s study was published in October, 2012.

  • Steve Sherwood

    Is one clue to the problem that there are no non-white evangelicals as a category? Do white evangelicals not find common cause with non-whites? I don’t think that’s a survey bias so much as the evangelical movement (particularly on the right) is a very mono-chromatic movement.

  • AHH

    I looked around the site a little and could not find what category Mormons were classified in, which would make some difference in interpretation of this most recent election.
    The smallness of Romney’s “non-Christian religious” vote makes me think the survey did not classify it where I would — maybe they put Mormons in “other Christian” but I’m not sure what that category would encompass given their other categories.

  • Diane

    I would think the large number of unaffiliated youth would offer opportunities to both parties.

  • The youth always swing Democratic. Coincidentally, so does the mainstream entertainment industry, and so does the American public school system and most U.S. colleges and universities. On second thought, that is no coincidence at all. The world of youth is a world informed by entertainment and school. The result is not surprising.

    Whatever the case, the notion of a “white Christian strategy” offends me. It’s time to stop dividing America into tribes, and time to start asking what is best for ALL Americans.

  • Jeremy B.

    A notion being offensive does not negate its accuracy, yeah? It’s not that there’s some sort of KKK-ish conspiracy, but that there is a deep disregard or denial within the white Church that other cultures and modes of thinking exist or have any validity. Essentially, we have taken white culture and made it the standard to which all must conform. I can’t count the number of arguments I’ve had about things that had nothing to do with actual politics and everything to do with cultural blindness/arrogance.

    Unsurprisingly, this is largely what lost the last election. Rich white men talking about rich white concerns while denigrating or dismissing the concerns and cultural realities of more than half of the country. It isn’t a conspiracy, it’s raw stupidity.

  • Jeremy B.

    Ok, that came across a little more jerky than I wanted. I apologize.

  • Stephen Weaver

    Jeremy B., peace, you are forgiven. I find myself getting quite emotional at times in my service to North American white culture and its variants. After service for twenty years to other cultures, I find this culture the most difficult to serve, teach and relate to. The irony is that it is my own …