Signs of Resolution

I read about these Chinese folks who refused to abandon home in the name of development, and I have to say there’s a parable here — or a caption!

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  • Craig

    When McDonalds buys this crappy place for a drive-thru we’re moving to a chateau in panda country. Hooray for state capitalism!

  • Ward

    “It’s right on the highway. You can’t miss it. (But please try.)”

  • Myron Williams

    these folks are hearty settlers, without whom the country would rush like lemmings over the cliff of advancement. good on them

  • Brad

    Could you just imagine if you ever wanted to sell it? A home with your own rotunda!

  • Don

    Their principles are great, but the practicalities need some work.

  • Diane S.

    My guess is that they will regret this decision as soon as the road opens to traffic. The article describes the owners as “elderly” – I wonder what their kids think about this?

  • Matt Edwards

    I think there was a song about this in the 80s. It went, “Our house! In the middle of the street . . . “

  • MatthewS

    You have to cheer their determination, courage, and victory but it seems a Pyrrhic victory to me.

  • MatthewS

    Looking at it negatively, it could be a parable for the vocal minority in a system which will stick to the “old wine” at any cost, and, having eventually won their victory, they find that they are left with neither the good old days nor something that is current, but something that is a devastated in-between.