Tat Man QB

See this? Colin Kaepernick, the astounding young QB for the 49ers, is now being criticized for having so many tats on his arms — and they’re mostly Bible verses!

2:15AM EST November 30. 2012 – MODESTO, Calif. — Colin Kaepernick is the new starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers thanks to a blend of athleticism and surprising veteran savvy for a second-year player, but some people can’t see beyond the tattoo ink that covers his arms.

That’s because it’s common among NFL players, but rare for a passer.

David Whitley of the Sporting News lobbed criticism at Kaepernick in a column Thursday. Whitley wrote, “NFL quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility. He is the CEO of a high-profile organization, and you don’t want your CEO to look like he just got paroled.”

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Suffice to say that Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, the parents who adopted Colin as a baby, weren’t happy with the analysis comparing their son to inmates. And they relayed their feelings to USA TODAY Sports.

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  • That’s a pretty low blow from Whitley. I wonder if he holds the same standards for NBA point guards.

  • E.G.

    Good. Grief.

    I’m not a fan of tattoos, but it’s beyond me why anyone thinks that it’s OK to fuss about such things. I’m not a fan of fussbudgets either, though…

  • jon

    1. The article seemed borderline racist to me.

    2. Colin Kaepernick is a stand up individual, an incredibly devout and outspoken Christian (even a leader in FCA and his church at Nevada), and a much better QB than Alex Smith.

  • Robin

    David Whitley was also last heard yelling “get off my lawn” at some passers-by and recalling the days when he walked uphill, both ways, to get to school.

  • Maybe we should slow down before we declare people racists. Here is Whitley’s response: http://www.shermanreport.com/sporting-news-columnist-responds-two-adopted-african-american-daughters-disappointed-learn-im-racist/

  • Steve Sherwood

    That’s awesome that he adopted two kids. And, it was still a foolish post on his part that ignited this controversy. I’m not a tatoo fan either, but that’s a generational distinction that is meaningless to younger folks. It’s like adults in the 60’s bemoaning the Beatles long hair.

  • Ed

    I have no problem with people who have tattoos, even those in high profile positions. The associate pastor at my church has a lot of them and gets more pretty frequently. They are all religious in some way and are awesome evangelism tools.

  • Jon

    Adopting black kids does not preclude his article from being racist in tone and how it is interpreted. How is that argument any different than the classic ‘I’m not racist because I have black friends’ argument?

    Also, kaepernick has had to fight stereotypes his entire life, especially because of his skin color. What is often neglected when talking about him is his community service record and 4.0 GPA. I wonder how his white parents feel about whitley’s article and defense. I wonder how his black birth mother who just met him three years ago feels.

    Note: I never called Whitley a racist. I said his article sounded racist.

  • John

    Kap can handle it. I’m more concerned about handshake Harbaugh. If Kap takes them into the playoffs, H is a genius. If he falls apart down the stretch, H has some ‘splainin to do. I’m not yet convinced that Kap is a “better QB” than Smith. QB maturity and game mgmt got the 49’rs to the playoffs last year, and almost to the big game. Thought it’s unconventional, I would rather see H use both QB’s strategically down the stretch.