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Weekly Meanderings

Sandy’s fury Becky Hsu distinguishes satisfaction and happiness. “Can we say, then, that life satisfaction is more like taking an exam (where 100% is the highest you could get), whereas happiness should be scored more like an essay (upon which there are no constraints in how excellent, thoughtful, or thought-provoking it could be)? Or, maybe we can [Read More…]

Perfectionism: Genetic?

From WSJ: Where does such perfectionism come from? Experts have long blamed parents who overemphasized achievement or made their love conditional on meeting certain goals. But recent research suggests that the genes that parents pass along may play an ever bigger role. Researchers at the Michigan State University Twin Registry have been examining aspects of [Read More…]

Best Humorous Argument for God

From Jeff Cook: We know God exists because of great beer. Don’t discount the Ontological argument just because you think you can imagine the perfect island. The ontological argument has real bite when you marry it with fine ales. Open your mind for a moment, and you may reply as Bertrand Russell once did, “Great [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye and Parable of the Bible

This post is by John Frye. Many pastors like myself were given “tools” in seminary to help us in the craft of being a pastor. Tools of the trade are good things and, yet, can be used in a bad way. What I discovered about half way through my life as a pastor was that [Read More…]

Justice or Wisdom? (RJS)

John Walton and Tremper Longman III have slightly different takes on the book of Job as outlined in the introductions to their  new commentaries (Job (The NIV Application Commentary)) and Job (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms)). Both the areas of agreement and the areas of disagreement are informative. This is not [Read More…]

Shark Vision

This is a cool summary — shark vision is so good perhaps making humans look like something they dislike — a kind of snake — might lessen shark attacks: Larger optic tecta in the brains of sharks – analogous to the superior colliculus structure in human brains, which deals with behaviour in relation to visible objects [Read More…]

Peggy Noonan on the President

Peggy Noonan, summarizing Bob Woodward’s evaluation of the President, criticizes the President … a strong political commentary from the right. [And, please don’t read this post and infer my own politics. I like to find incisive commentary and let it create a conversation. Anyone’s comment that questions whether this post belongs on this blog will [Read More…]

Misreading the Bible because we are Western

I speak, of course, only of Westerners. Ah-ha moments in Bible reading come to all of us, and perhaps you can remember one and tells us about it, but I can remember a few: when I realized the Bible’s writers and characters were ancient Jews and not modern American (Baptists), that they spoke Hebrew and [Read More…]

No Creed but the Bible?

Some pastors, preachers, professors, and parishioners will announce they have “no creed but the Bible.” One of America’s Reformed church historians, Carl Trueman, now has a book challenging both the accuracy of this statement (we all have creeds and confessions he observes) and the wisdom of it — not to mention its seemingly inconsistency with [Read More…]