Corrupt Country, Incorrupt Country

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  • Adam Murray

    Anyone else notice that the subtitle says ‘perceived’ levels of public corruption? It must be noted that there are many levels of subjectivity that contribute to perception. Not to say this data is moot…but maybe misleading. All of the highly democratic countries are of course, very clean. It doesn’t seem out of the question to take into account the perception of personal corruption in governments ‘by the people’. Which I would assume is very low.

  • Interesting how the least corrupt countries are the furthest from the equator. Maybe cold weather has a purifying effect on one’s soul. 🙂

  • scotmcknight

    Adam, I observed that but then they explain a bit about how they got their numbers … not just subjective.

  • Adam Murray

    Scot, I’m only suggesting that a more interesting matrix for looking at corruption might go beyond “show(ing) how effective prosecutors, the courts or the media are in investigating and exposing corruption.” Since this is necessarily predicated on what is “legal”, it might be fun to take a look at the methods by which something becomes “legal.” It just seems to me that the West always gets off the hook in these type of studies, and I can’t help but entertain the idea that maybe our hands aren’t as clean as this indicates.

  • Mike M

    19th? If you take into account Medicare/Medicare fraud and pharmaceutical bribes to Senators and Congressmen, I’m sure we’d drop even further.

  • Having lived in countries ranked 54, 105, and 118, there is a marked and positive difference with the United States. From my experience of these four countries, the rankings are pretty accurate.