Women CEO’s: Country by Country

Here is an infograph on women CEO’s in the world:

"Thanks! I got the books in the other comment and will work through them."

Thanks To Deborah Haarsma
"You could also visit the site of the American Scientific Affiliation, www.asa3.org. The ASA is ..."

Thanks To Deborah Haarsma
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Thanks To Deborah Haarsma
"Thanks, I will read them!"

Thanks To Deborah Haarsma

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  • Melinda

    Scot, I’d be interested to know where those statistics come from, because 30% for Australia seems way too high – I’ve seen it variously reported in Australia as anything between 3 and 12%?

  • E.A.B.

    Wow, if this is accurate, what a sad statistic for the USA.