To Scot, From Scot 2012

Here is our Christmas contest for 2012. I bought myself a gift, wrapped it up, and here’s the picture. I usually by myself a gift, a “To Scot from Scot” kind of gift, and I highly recommend this practice — the chances go way up about getting what you want!

You guess what I’ve got in there and I will send you a box of Theologian Trading Cards!

This contest will end tomorrow (Sunday, the 16th, at 9pm) or when someone “nails” it with a precise answer. (T can enter.)

Good luck!

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  • It’s an iPad.

    Now a Happy Xmas to you, Scot, so that this comment can be long enough. But I really do mean Happy Xmas; The King Gospel was one of 2012’s reading highlights for me!

  • Looks to me like a plaque of some sort. BTW, Scot, your wrapping skills provoke envy in my heart. Merry Christmas!

  • James

    A laser level for pr

  • jon

    It’s a board game

  • A pair of shoes (golf shoes maybe?) 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  • Judy

    A game of “Holyland Monopoly”

  • Thom

    A mini tool set

  • Doug Connelly

    My guess is Theologian Trading Cards

  • I love this practice!

    Is it a ‘lap guard’ for your laptop?

  • A framed picture of you with President Obama.

  • Man, the iPad was a good guess since I’m pretty sure you don’t have one yet.
    But since that’s taken, I’m sayin’ season tickets for the Cubs. In a box. Since next year is the year.

  • Since international guesses were not excluded I’ll have a go… and may the Lord bless you and your family this Christmas season and in 2013.

    Chicago edition of Monopoly.

  • Charlotte

    It looks like a board game to me.

  • scotmcknight

    Chris, dude, I’ve got an iPad — I lecture from it and preach from it and get my news from it.

  • RJS

    Oh but Scot, have you the new iPad with retina display and WiFi cellular to keep you connected on your travels wherever you may be?

  • Jake Manne

    iPad Mini since the original can be so cumbersome:)

  • jon

    iPad’s are a good guess, but it looks too long to be one.

    So I guess: A kindle fire

  • A book “Grandpa” can read to Aksel.

  • Lukas McKnight

    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Barb

    a kindle paperwhite (at least that’s what I hope I’m getting)

  • scotmcknight

    RJS, no I haven’t tried it… but not an iPad.

  • Scott Eaton

    I think it’s a collector’s edition “David Fitch Bobble-head Doll.” TM

  • Danny Gamache

    A pair of slippers!

  • Louise

    A bowling ball! When our kids were little my husband used to always guess “a bowling ball’ no matter the size or shape of the package the children gave him. When they were teenagers we found a used one and wrapped it up for him and he failed to guess it correctly! They loved that.

  • MatthewS

    A notebook and fountain pen so that you can see a page full of your own handwriting…

  • Kenny Johnson

    Looks like an iPad to me.

  • An atlas. Merry Christmas!

  • Did anyone guess hammer yet?

  • JSM

    A dress shirt, perhaps?

  • jim

    why is “nails” it in quotations. Thats gotta be a clue…….

  • Merv Olsen

    If it’s related to`nails` I think it might be a geoboard.

  • Myron Williams

    a fountain pen in a large box!

  • Duane

    A Pelikan fountain pen, of course!

  • Josh

    A framed family picture

  • Christmas cookies!!

  • The Common English Bible (CEB).

  • Christopher Plemmons

    That which is inside the box could be a Chemex.

  • Tim Deatrick

    A framed photo of Ron Santo that bears his autograph

  • Brian B.

    The board game version of Words With Friends.

  • Karl Mitchell

    Bath robe!

    Though of course if there was something there for proper size comparison that would help.

  • Terry

    A hammer could nail it

  • Matt Edwards

    Nestle-Aland 28.

  • Kathleen

    Let’s go with a power nail gun. Do they make such things?

  • Garrett

    It’s got to be a box of your favorite coffees. Maybe some Intelligentsia?

  • scotmcknight

    Karl, that’s a normal size shoe box.

  • scotmcknight


    At least one person got it “generally” right.
    I will wear what is in this box.

  • Christopher Plemmons

    A possible Fedora/ethnic hat.

  • Jinny

    Sneakers? (and why is the system complaining that a 1 word response is too short?)

  • A new golf shirt for your next holiday??

  • phil

    Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey

  • Bruce

    A pair of clip ons that fits over shoes and has cleats for walking on ice.

  • Okay, so I was dead wrong on the iPad. It’s gotta be shoes, shirt, or robe if someone previously got is generally right, and you can wear it.

    Northern Seminary button-down.

  • Oregon Ducks Jersey!

  • matt edwards

    golf spikes (adding some words to make my response longer)

  • Tara Beth

    Cubs Jersey…


    Golf Gloves

  • Tim Deatrick

    A Ron Santo jersey.

  • Cubs hat
    Possibly signed or vintage?

  • Karl Mitchell

    I know this is past the 9pm end time but I had a thought…tool belt

  • Christine

    An autographed photo of the Ducks, of course, or a pair of their bright socks! But really, theologian trading cards for the prize??? Waaa, bring back a more universal gift like, say, Crocs!

  • Christine

    Shoulda read comments first. Next year maybe tell us box dimensions as it looked flat to many of us, not shoebox size. Hmmm . . .

  • Tyler

    Bears Jersey or Bears Sweater

  • T

    LOL! Thanks for the clearance to play, but it looks like I was late to the game!

    Great tradition, Scot. (Still dig my JC crocs.) 😀 Merry Christmas to all and congrats to the winner!

  • Rachel

    I think it looks like some clothing! 🙂

  • Jay

    Harold Honer’s commentary on Ephesians?