And the Winner is…

Well, it wasn’t a slam dunk guess but the first to get the “right” answer to the “To Scot from Scot” Christmas present was Mark Stevens, way down in Australia. So, to Mark we will be sending a box of Theologian Trading Cards.

Here’s a picture of the Sperry shoes I bought for myself, at the strong urge of Lukas and Annika, who observed that at times my shoes tend to get old enough to be no longer recognizable as appropriate wear. Of course, I can’t see anything wrong with a pair of beaten-up Birkenstock clogs, bought in Portland about 8-9 years ago. Nor can I say over the years I have been the trendsetter of shoe wear.

The problem with new shoes is breaking them in … after about 5 years shoes start to feel just right, and it’s about that time that either Laura or Lukas give me a little nod that it’s time to get some new shoes. I get to thinking about it, and I wonder if maybe I ought to bring these new ones out for when the kids stop by.

What say you?

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  • Mark Stevens

    A HUGE thank you! :)

  • Mark Stevens

    My wife also says thanks you. You have saved her the embarrassment of entering a store and buying them for me! 😉

  • Terry

    I say the beauty of Birkenstocks (I wear them exclusively) is that they can be resoled forever.

    The Sperrys look smart. Congrats to Mark!

  • Pepy

    Buy 2 pair and rotate them

  • Steve Cuss

    Fantastic and not for nothing, but those Theologian Trading Cards are fantastic! I have a good friend who is a baseball fanatic and theology geek. The cards are the perfect gift for him