Power of Compliment

From Brett and Kate McKay:

“McKay, there are plenty of other guys on the team that have way more natural athletic ability than you. You’re not a naturally athletic guy, but what you lacked in talent, you made up for with hustle and heart.”

That conversation impacted the rest of my life. It crystallized something I had hoped was true into something I began to really believe about my character. Since then, when I’ve faced challenges where I don’t feel as up to the task as others, I can hear my coach telling me that I have heart, and it helps me to push on.

Such is the power of compliments.

Unfortunately, even though compliments are a powerful force for positive good for both the giver and receiver, most people are pretty stingy with them. Let’s change that and start lifting each other up more often with encouraging words. Here’s why you should offer more compliments, and how to do it.

Why? The author gives these reasons:

1. Compliments encourage others who are struggling.

2. Compliments help children learn new tasks.

3. Compliments strengthen (and soften) relationships.

4. Compliments charm others and increase our circle of influence.

5. Compliments help you be less cynical.


1. Start paying attention.

2. Compliment the small stuff.

3. Be specific.

4. Be sincere.

5. Avoid the backhanded compliment.

6. Explain how the person’s great qualities affect you.

7. Vocalize your thoughts.

8. Compliment someone in front of others.

9. Relay “second-hand compliments.”

10. Don’t delay.

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    I really wish there were more commentary on this post – it is very needed!

    I’ll start by practicing now: With all sincerity, this is a great post and one we must really take to heart! I appreciate your time and effort on this.