Are the PC’s Days Ending?

From Casey Phillips:

Keyboards? Mice? Disc drives? It may be time to pull the plugs, experts say.

After decades of monopolizing the home computing experience, the desktop PC could be on the way out. Technology experts say the rise of “second screen” devices such as smartphones and tablets represents a fundamental shift toward a “post-PC” or “PC plus” era.

In an entry to his blog Tech Broiler, ZDNet Senior Technology Editor Jason Perlow predicted that, within a decade, less than 10 percent of the current PC-using population will still require a desktop computer.

For the foreseeable future, experts say, some functions will continue to require a traditional computer, but for basic tasks, users increasingly are picking up other devices.

A purely post-PC world has not arrived, but here are five signs it is on the way.

1. The Cloud

2. PC Sales Slump [Or is it just waiting for the surge of tablets to end?]

3. Convergence: “…the line between a desktop PC and other devices is becoming increasingly blurry.”

4. No more disks.

5. Just a touch: “For decades, the only means of navigating a computer was a keyboard and a pointer device such as a mouse or touchpad. With the shift to a post-PC era, however, users now have 10 more options at their disposal: their fingers.”

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  • RJS

    Ending? No
    PC Plus? Almost certainly
    Less important in home environments? Yes

  • Bob Cornwall

    I still like a nice big keyboard and 20 inch monitor. As a writer, the PC still works best for me.

  • Rob Dunbar

    The “end of the PC” stories are overblown right now. In 10 years? Maybe. But the thing is that, while tablets will get more powerful, power programs (like Photoshop, or Maya–REAL power programs) will also get more powerful. I don’t think an all-touch system will do the trick. Nor have I read good reviews of onscreen keyboards for tablets. For all the hype, tablets are still netbooks minus the keyboard. . . which you can add for a mere $50 more.

  • Michael W. Kruse

    I think RJS nails it.

  • bobson

    Just a trend to user specific products. Most PC users for the last few years have done nothing but facebook ,e-mail, maybe some online banking, webpage reading and such; for these users the PC is overkill. A keyboard isn’t really needed to type LOL or the majority of content-less internet communication. Don’t break fb etiquitte and type a 3 paragraph post, a quip about it being sunny is all that most will read.

  • Amanda B.

    I think that people who never really needed a PC will stop buying them. People who genuinely need PC’s will continue to need them, so they won’t “die”. They may revert to being primarily tools, rather than toys, though.