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10 Reasons Why Starting A Blog Should Be Your New Year's Resolution [Infographic]

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  • Mark Edward

    I’m tempted to use this as an opportunity to shill my own blog.

  • Mike Gantt

    What if everyone who loved Christ blogged for Christ?

  • Rebecca Trotter

    Some help with that “make money” part would be nice!

  • RobS

    Scot, thanks for your blog…. it’s well thought out and the community is a good one. It’s full of new ideas and perspectives. Thanks for keeping it real.

  • Emily

    I am!!! Great post!

  • Grandmother

    Thank you for this! Don’t know how many times I’ve talked myself out of starting a blog. Earlier this evening just may have been the last.

  • Scott Gay

    This post most reminds me of G.K.Chesterton’s last paragraph in Orthodoxy( which you pull off more than readers give you credit for).

  • DMH

    Instead, why don’t I just try to get to know my neighbors this year? Oh, wait… that would require actual interaction… with real families… who might be lonely, or need help paying a bill or taking care of their home, or needing their kids watched, or…… Wait. What was I thinking? That would require a lot of time actually getting my hands dirty for the Kingdom instead of just reading, thinking, and writing about it. (judgement for myself only)

  • Michael Ray

    I recently started a blog and many of the points in the graphic are valid. However, it’s sometimes pitched as a way to make a lot of money quickly and it usually doesn’t work that way.