Difficult Decision

I looked over this list more than I care to admit, but I have to say this might be my favorite. It’s a bit of a feeble gag, I admit.

Which is yours?

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  • James Petticrew
  • scotmcknight

    James, I’ve read about these but not seen one. When I see one, though, I’ll make sure I get a cuppa.

  • James Petticrew


    Best £25 I’ve spent, really good coffee and a great talking point

  • RJS

    Cool – Says the Chemist.

    Little messy on the clean-up though I expect. I have enough trouble getting around to dumping the little paper filters.

  • scotmcknight


    How tall is that thing?

  • James Petticrew

    About 18 inches all together

  • James Petticrew

    Not really, you scrape the grounds then quick wash of the glass containers.

  • Richard

    I actually like the brass knuckles phone case. Those slipper suckers are hard to hold on to, sometimes.

  • Barb

    I’m pretty sure I could waste some time with the miniture golf book. I’m never sure why people think we need better ways of slicing things IMHO a simple knife wins every time over the other contraptions.

  • Bev Mitchell

    I can’t decide, but my late mother would definitely have gone for the Biscuit Pocket Mug – but then, does it hold enough tea?

  • RJS


    I am torn between the biscuit pocket mug and the mini golf book. The book would give a taste of mini-golf through the long dreary northern winter … but coffee or tea with biscuit holds appeal as well.

  • http://theodicy.ca Trin

    Picking only 1 will be toooo hard . . . and I kept thinking of people I would give them to! Lessee…

    Transparent Fridge?!!? R U Kidding?!!?! Do I WANT to make the inside of my fridge public?!!?!
    Magnetic Switch Frame: absolutely (for hubby)
    Cockroach: Absolutely! TOO much fun with that at work!
    Grassy Umbrella Stand: Perf! One of our inside cats is missing grass!
    Emergency Mustaches: ?? Who knew one could fall off creating an emergency?!
    Ear Cap: Ahhhh . . . definitely for hubby. His ears get really cold running in the winter.
    Rice Cracker iPhone Case: R U kidding me?!!?!?! Who wants a sticky iPhone?

  • http://theodicy.ca Trin

    Bev @10 . . . my luck and the biscuit would fall out and hit my nose when I took a sip! 😉