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Wow, see this?

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Willow Elder Of 30 Years Talks
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  • Chris

    Wow, righteous duuuuuuuude!

  • Phil Miller

    Jesus’ little known twin brother, Tracy…

  • Was he inspired by “Parker’s Back?”

  • What you can’t tell is that this is, in fact, a laser job. All the dark stuff is actually hair.

  • Rodney Reeves

    I wonder what “Jesus” will look like when the guy turns 60.

  • scotmcknight

    Rodney, good question.

    My guess: Willie Nelson.

    What’s your guess?

  • I guess he can truly say Jesus has got his back!

  • ChrisB

    In a word “YUK”

  • Diane S.

    #6: Poor Jesus is going to look like a Sharpei….

  • Rodney Reeves


    My guess (counting on the deleterious effects of gravity and apathy): an eeyore-like face–you know, saggy, narrow eyes and fat cheeks.

  • Nothing about Leviticus? Really? *claps*

  • And I’m not directing that at you, Scot. Just the internet in general.

  • I hope that’s a cover-up; otherwise the artist used way too much black.