Mars Hill Collaborative: Announcement

An announcement from Mars Hill about the collaborative where I will be speaking…

Mars Hill Students Collaborative with Scot McKnight– February 9, 2013

How Do We Talk With Our Students about the Gospel?

Over 2 years ago, Mars Hill’s Student Ministry developed a new youth ministry training opportunity that pairs engaging speakers and content with sound teaching and a learning context that encourages thought-provoking discussion and collaboration.

Driven by 3 values, the MHS Collaborative:

  • Explores topics that are crucial to advancing the youth ministry conversation in a healthy, thoughtful trajectory.
  • Embodies a lead by example posture, by ensuring that each year’s topic is one that Mars Hill is seeks to embody in our own ministry practices. Breakouts are then facilitated by the Mars Hill Staff who are attempting to implement these concepts in middle school and high school ministry.
  • Creates teaching/learning environments where there can be true interactive collaboration around a topic that leads to participants leaving with a new idea, a next step, and a conversation partner.

A “learning conference”, each Collaborative builds upon each other by using ideas from previous Collaboratives to inform future topics. So when youth workers have raised questions regarding how we understand and communicate a more complete Gospel during the Collaborative last year, we found our topic for 2013—How do we talk with our students about the Gospel?

From our perspective and from the input of others, Scot McKnight, was the obvious choice to share ideas regarding this topic and create an atmosphere of collaboration around them.

We invite you to join Scot, the Mars Hill Students staff, and youth workers (both paid and volunteer) from around the region on Saturday, Feb 9 for a day of learning, thinking, connecting together at the 2013 Mars Hill Students Collaborative. Come with a youth pastor form your area, bring your volunteer team, or come ready to meet others who share your values for thoughtful youth ministry practices.

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  • David M

    It always confuses me when someone mentions Mars Hill… I never know if it is Driscoll-land or this one.

  • Bob S.

    David M, Agreed. And both are full of interesting challenges.

  • Steve, Winnipeg, Canada

    Okay, so there’s two big churches called Mars Hill. They’re both Mars Hill but are different.

    Is it really that confusing? It takes about 20 seconds to figure out from context which one is which.

  • andrew

    and you’d be hard pressed to find any given individual who would wholeheartedly approve of both mars hills.

    Depending on which theological circles you move in, the “good” mars hill will change in location. Me, I’m no fanboy of Driscoll, but there is not enough tea in china to convince me to sit under the preaching that happens in Rob Bell’s old haunt.