Odd Experience

Kris is a big fan of our local library and prefers to order books on her computer and get the books at the small pick-up window at the library. Yesterday on our way to a family gathering Kris told me she needed to pick up a book so we drove by the library.

I gave the attendant, a woman with a lovely English accent, Kris’ library card, she searched her files, found a book and then gave it to us, closing up the window… but Kris said immediately, “This isn’t the book I meant to pick up but an even more recent order.” So we buzzed the attendant to inform her of the story.

Kris said, “The book I thought I was picking up is called A Woman Called, a title that struck an unusually familiar note with me. The attendant struggled finding the book, but found it, and as she grabbed it I saw the cover, leaned over to Kris and said, “Dear, I wrote the Foreword to Sara Barton’s book … we’ve got a copy at home.”

Wow, we laughed. Kris told me, after just beginning the book, the Introduction to this book is good … and your foreword is good too!

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  • Mike M

    A post with no comments? I feel bad, so: either a tremendous coincidence or a terrible lack of communication. I’m thinking the latter but hoping for the former.