Unhappy People Habits

From Angel:

Even if you are generally a happy person, take a look at these seven habits to determine if any of them are keeping you from experiencing greater amounts of joy.

1.  Playing it too safe.

2.  Continuous self doubt.

3.  Obsession with control.

4.  Setting unrealistic expectations.

5.  A bad attitude.

6.  Slacking on exercise.

7.  Overindulgence of a good thing.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Eating too much makes you fat.  Spending too much money makes you broke.  Working too much leaves your family at home missing you.  Playing too much leaves important work undone…  And so on and so forth.

Happiness depends on the balancing act of applying your positive resources equally to the hungry deficits in your life.  All details aside, the important thing to remember is this:  Long-term happiness is never found in one good thing; it is a combination, it is a balanced lifestyle.

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  • Phil Miller

    2. Continuous self doubt.

    Well, I was doing fine until I read this… Now, I’m not so sure…

  • Cody

    There needs to be a post on how to replace these habits with positive ones.

  • Jeff Y

    Good stuff. Seems to me, the lack of moderation (the abuse of God’s good gifts) is at the heart of sin. Sexual immorality (sex outside of marriage – the whole-life committed covenant – a covenant good versus a consumer good); alcohol abuse (drunkenness or addiction) versus moderate use and enjoyment; etc.

    Self doubt, control, and bad attitude – are key struggles for me that need more work. I think all of those can be changed (and this is when I’ve found the most success) by trust in Christ and His victory. Regardless of what I do, if I trust in Him and serve him wholeheartedly and get others to – that trust that His grace is sufficient (2Cor. 12:9) – we can boast in our weaknesses and let Him take control, give us confidence because He reigns and live positively knowing He has won the victory and defeated the powers for us. Trust in Him and victory is ours (Rom. 8:1). What other thing could change these things within us as that?

  • Diane

    We need to be constantly vigilant, as we live in a culture that encourages us to super-size everything. But if we’re being vigilant … aren’t we in a state of self-doubt? Aahh! Hamlet!